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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Classic Cafe' (Deer Park, WA)

Just north of Spokane is a little town called Deer Park, and on a recent rainy day, I got to drive there with some friends.  The drive was so pretty.  Our destination was to be a little cafe/coffee shop that we had just heard about, called the Classic.  It is located at 502 S. Main Street.

The place was packed, but not at first.  Apparently, a lot of folks thought it was a nice spot to visit on a rainy day.  They have both indoor and outdoor seating and a drive-thru window.

 At the Classic Cafe, they serve breakfast, ice cream, sandwiches of all kinds, soup and coffee/espresso type of things.  In addition, there are lots of flavors for shakes and Italian sodas too.
Some of us in my group of four had lunch.
This is chili... served with these really interesting "garlic rounds."
Two of us shared a spinach Greek Wrap.  Yum!
Here is only half.

Wraps are served with chips and a pickle, though I read in the menu that you can substitute a small salad for the chips if you'd like.  This wrap was delicious.
We also had coffee, (no photo) and we sampled some treats which we shared.

Below you see the Monkey Bread and an Espresso Brownie.

See the t-shirts on the wall?  Apparently, they make a humongous breakfast platter that they challenge individuals to "master," and whereupon mastering you are entitled to flaunt the feat with a T-shirt.  Our lovely waitress informed us that she had tried it once, and only once.... because it was really really big, but she did it!

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Iron Horse Bar and Grill (Idaho)

There is just something great about those iron horses.... and the era that made trains great.  Trains, planes and automobiles... this place, The Iron Horse, honors them all. 

Located in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, at 407 E. Sherman, you can seriously have as much fun looking around the place and taking in some historic photos and memorabilia of the local area and these great iron horses, as you can being with friends and eating the food.

And when it comes to food, they certainly have quite a selection. 

 We opted for the Buffalo Wings  for "starters"  and Halibut Tacos as our entree, which we shared.   They also served us some great coffee. 
Buffalo Wings
Halibut Tacos (one order on two plates)

In the bar, some bands were playing which we then went to see.  The main band, Goodnight Venus, is a local (to CdA, ID,) band that was having their CD release party.  We had good food, (loved the wings!) there was good music and we had a great time!  

Press "play" for a taste of the "Me Show:"

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Perry Street Cafe

I often find myself driving past the Perry Street Cafe, thinking something like, "I would like to try that place someday!"  Located on the corner of the town center on Perry Street on Spokane's South Hill, this little place evokes a nostalgia in me.  It makes me think of a place I once worked in in Oregon.  One of my first jobs was waitressing in a little street-shop cafe by the beach.  There's no beach here, but the place is just as charming, and finally, I made it to the Perry Street Cafe!  I wasn't just "driving by" either.  Perry Street Cafe was my predetermined destination on a recent outing for lunch with a friend, and I was not disappointed.

I love quaint little spots like this, where the service is expedient, but at the same time when you are feeling leisurely, there is not rush.  There is a down home feel to it... neighborly.... friendly.... the kind place where you can hang your hat, relax, and enjoy your meal.  This is THAT kind of place.  Besides that, the menu made me laugh... and I love that.

The food is advertised "home made" and "made from scratch."   Got to love that!

And besides, where else you you get an item listed as being available if Debbie "felt like making it" that day.  (If you want Mrs. B's Turkey Pot Pie, I guess you will just have to ask!)

My fried ordered salad and "fries".  Not your usual fries, and definitely tasty!

I went for the burger and baked beans.

I do hear rumor that this place serves up an awesome breakfast.  We might have to try that too!
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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sub Division is a little submarine sandwich shop on Division St, just south of Mission St. (1418 N. Division.) IT was a crowded little spot, obviously well liked by the locals.  I had a hard time finding a place to park!  This was only half of the parking area.  All was filled.  I did eventually park nearby and walk in.

There was nothing fancy about the place.  It's pretty much a sub sandwich shop, with a few amenities like reading material, video game machines in a corner and a foosball table.  They also show support for the local school sports teams.

Just a sampling of the menu.... they actually have more choices that this.
 And now for the menu.
They have pretty much everything a sub sandwich shop has.  It is not like Subway where you see what they have and they make it the way you want while you watch.  This is the kind of place where you order what you like and they whip it up into a sub while you wait.  They are pretty quick too.

Not being an avid sub sandwich eater, I forgot to order whole wheat.

So, here is my half-a- sub.  It's Turkey, Avocado and Bacon... with cheese; I guess it is  "just like" they make em back East!

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