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Monday, June 4, 2012

Something Else Deli

Ever think about eating something else??  We did!  In case you did not know, Something Else is a sandwich shop and coffee shop on the corner of Second Ave and Sherman.  It is actually housed in two buildings.  On second  is the uniquely styled  coffee shop part... with  a drive through window, serving Panache coffee...

....and on the Sherman side of the corner, is the "deli" style restaurant.

I made the mistake of referring to this place as Someplace Else instead of Something Else.  Someplace Else, which used to be on Sprague is closed.  This is a different eatery... and it is Something Else!

I think I have passed by it at least three hundred times in my life and now I can say I have finally stopped by.  I am glad I did.  I liked the home-like friendly neighbor atmosphere of the place, and the "homemade" food.

One cool thing that I have discovered about this place is that if you'd like to, you can place your sandwich order online and then pick it up!


We ordered our blended coffee from the coffee shop and sat in the Deli side to order and eat some lunch. Our coffee was delivered to our table for us when it was ready.
 We were interested in the special advertised outside, but there was a lot of selection inside.

 We tried the Beef and Barley Soup and the Spicy Chili and we each had a half of the Triple Treat Sandwhich, along with some delicious carrot cake.

What is a triple treat?  It's ham, cheese and pineapple with lettuce and mayo.  Personally, I never thought of putting pineapple on my sandwich, even a ham sandwich but as advertised, it was a treat!

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