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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Golden Dragon (Post Falls, ID)

We crossed the state line for this one.  Food was not our destination of the day, but we did happen to eat here and to our surprise it was very good.
The name of this place is the Golden Dragon, and its location is Post Falls, Idaho.  It was a Chinese/American food kinda place, and it looked like it had been here for a while.  Skeptical, we asked a restaurant patron who was leaving the place, walking to her car, how the food was; she enthusiastically endorsed it, saying that this was her favorite restaurant.  

Now, we do keep in mind that most people, when you ask them how the restaurant they just ate ate was, will say it is good, but her enthusiasm seemed quite sincere and her good report was highly encouraging, so we decided to try it.  

Since food was not our destination that day, and because we were out of Spokane area, blogging was not on my agenda, but then the food came.  It looked so pretty.... and eating here was fun, (a.k.a. relaxing and delicious) so I started taking pictures for the blog.  Now, you get this blog post.  

The inside reminded me of an old soda fountain kinda place inside with a long bar for seating singles that probably gets busy for lunch.  There are lots of tables and booths too.  

This is the appetizer, Rangoons.  It is different than most places I have been and was yummy too.

We also ordered a Beef Noodle Soup and Chow Mein.  We ate "family-style," which means, we shared.

I am still learning the different kinds of Chow Mein....  and I have decided that I like the kind with the crunchy noodles best.  This one had crunchy noodles on the bottom.  I have to admit, it was hard to know what to order.  There was a great selection.

We loved the hanging lanterns.  They gave the place it's oriental feel.  The place is definitely Chinese/American though... There you are eating your Chinese food, with oldies American music playing in the background.  

You gotta love Idaho.

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