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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Savory Restaurant and Lounge

Saw today, June 2013, that this restaurant is closed.  However here is the post about it:

Our latest restaurant stop is Savory, located at 1314 south Grand Blvd.  Being as I like definitions I just had to look up the word Savory after visiting here.  The dictionary says that it means, 1) appetizing to the taste or smell; 2) Piquant, pungent or salty to the taste; and 3) Morally respectable, unoffensive.  ("Thank you"  

I really enjoyed being there with some of my favorite people, and some friendly people I didn't even know at the other tables too.  What fun to be enjoying life with neighbors, eating out of doors on Spokane's South Hill on one of those very beautiful sunny afternoons, and this while live music lingered on the breeze.  At my table there was lots of talking and laughing as we enjoyed each others company  all while eating "savory" food!  As a good friend of mine would say, "It was delightful!"

We opted for the Spo-Casual Menu... and since there were three of us dining, we tried three of their offerings.  We had the Savory Beef Stroganoff, 

 the Chicken Picatta on Angel Hair Pasta..

 .... and I ordered the Savory Fish and Chips.  

These selected entrees come with your choice of a petite size soup of the day, or salad and a petite select dessert.  Here are our soup and salads.  

It was a most interesting salad.  It had peculiar garbanzos in it.  Very savory!

I didn't catch the name of the musician who played but he was great to listen to.  The crowd seemed to like him too.

Mr. Bill, our special guest, approved.

One unique thing about this place just might be the ariel performances they do.  How interesting is that!  Check their website to see performance times for the shows and to know what musicians may be playing.  

For dessert we had the Creme Brulee...

 ...Salted Carmel and Pear Bread Pudding....
 and Ice Cream...
(Espresso Chip.)
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