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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Anthony's... at Spokane Falls.
One lovely summer day, while walking the bridge in Riverfront Park with some friends, we spotted it...Anthony's.  One friend said, "Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to sit under those umbrellas outdoors and watch the rapids on the river?" Well, all present agreed and the next thing we knew, we had an outing planned for lunch at Anthony's.  

Anthony's is located at 510 N. Lincoln, in downtown Spokane.  Their specialty is seafood.    I just learned that Anthony's is a chain of restaurants and while each is said to be unique, there are 22 of them.

I have often heard people talk fondly about this place and was kinda excited that finally I would get to go and see it for myself.

It was a great lunch, although even before making group reservations I had reservations... for the reviews I had read on the internet about this place were not exceptionally flattering.  I did feel better when I asked one man in the parking area how his lunch was.  He answered saying,  "Great!  I had the fish."

I laughed.

The place was busy and parking was a hassle.  I thought that they had valet parking, but they only have valet parking for dinner, although their webpage that I looked at did not tell me this.  It simply said, 
"""Anthony’s at Spokane Falls offers complimentary valet parking while dining at the restaurant."   
So, we had to spend a lot of time looking for a parking spot.  If your there for lunch and you do not park in their lot... the only parking around is parking you have to pay for.  It's a downtown thing, you know.

We had a large group and they had sat us indoors.  This was actually fine for us because we did go outsides and it was a rather hot day and it was cooler indoors.  But so much for sitting under one of those little green umbrellas overlooking the Spokane river for lunch.   We did go outside afterwards and enjoy the spectacular view.

Now for lunch....  did I mention, "It was great!"?

This is a soup bowl and salad... clam chowder.

 Fish Taco and Chips.. with salsa.
 Shrimp Alfredo....

 Chicken Caesar
Here is a beautiful salad.

 and did i mention, "It was great!"?

We also had some desserts.  Anthony's other specialty is peaches.  Pictured below is ice cream and cobbler.... both featuring fresh peaches.

And, if you are looking for that view...
S P E C T A C U L A R !

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