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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery

Ahh.... well, I visited Cold Stone ice cream shop, located at  9502 N. Newport Highway, (at Newport Hwy & Holland Rd  near the Northpoint Shopping Center,)  the other day. It's a nice store and they certainly have a great selection of ice cream!  

I asked it they have any diet ice cream.  The girl behind the counter told me that soon they would be getting a low calorie vanilla, but they didn't have it yet.  She also suggested the sorbets for a lower calorie option.   I was actually just kinda kidding about the low calorie ice cream as I eyes the ice cream cakes in the freezer case,  but I am glad that they have options.

At this place they mix your add-ins into your ice cream for you before they serve it to you and there are also a lot of add ins to choose from. One novelty of being here is that they will sing you a song if you leave them a tip!  I didn't get a song though.  It was quite busy and there was only one person working in the front..... maybe that is why?

So what did I get?  Oh man, you won;t believe it.  Yogurt... frozen yogurt. ( I think I am addicted.)

I ordered cinnamon flavored frozen yogurt, no topping.... small size.   What is wrong with me?   

Maybe on a birthday or special occasion, I will splurge.  Today was just a treat and it was a weekday.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I recall being in another city and asking some kids where a good place for lunch would be.  They offered "Five Guys," however, we never made it there because we opted to est something besides burgers and fries.... the main items on the Five Guys menu.  Ever since we got a "Five Guys" in Spokane, I have been hoping to go and see what those kids were talking about, then finally, last week, a friend suggested we go there for lunch together.  So off we went, all six of us!  Five Guys Burgers and Fries has two locations in Spokane.  We went to the North side restaurant at 9502 N. Newport Hwy.

Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised.  First of all there were a lot of people there.  Second of all, you can get free peanuts to eat while you wait for your food, and in addition to the traditional burgers and fires, they sell hot dogs too.  It's a simple menu, mostly burgers and fries, but your burger is done up to order.   The french fries are cooked in peanut oil.  (This must be to make sure you don't go overboard on the cholesterol.)  You walk in, stand in line, then at the cash counter, you order your burger and toppings... fries if you like.

Then they cook it for you, and call your number when they are done.

Snacking on peanuts while we wait....

They have a state-of-the-art beverage dispensing machine where you can select just about anything you can dream of bevving... including water.  

This machine is great.  You simple select your drink by touching your choice on the screen, place your cup underneath in the porper position and press another button above your cup to dispense.  It's pretty amazing, really.

They serve up your burgers and fries in brown paper sack.... kinda makes you feel like your mom made your lunch or something.  Be warned.  The bags, covered with grease spots, are a tell-tale sign  that your food is not low calorie.
here is my sack.... kinda messy.  I did like the sturdy cup.

This is a burger without the bun... lettuce wrapped instead.

This is how you eat a bunless burg.
This is the traditional with a bun.

The fries are made from real potatoes, cut right there in the store. It's a rather sloppy presentation, but I think they guys really like it.. propbably all five of them voted that this would be the cool way to make and serve burgers to make a buck!  There is nothing "Namby-Pamby" about a greasy looking sack lunch!  I imagine that it's even better if you pick out your own toppings and the stuff in your sack tastes just the way you like it!

 I ordered my burger bunless.  They wrapped it up in lettuce leaves for me.   My friend ordered hers with a bun.  

I was informed that they will make you a "burger in a bowl" too if you like,  The burger in a bowl is another kind of bunless presentation, less messy I suppose than trying to eat a wrap, although mine stayed together pretty good.  In a bowl it would probably be easier to eat... as like a salad, but at that point for me, it would not be like esting a "burger."  I though a burger with lettuce tomatoes, onion, pickle...  etc... served in a bowl with a fork might be interesting to try.... but I went with the wrap..

So how was it?  It was fun to try this spot and eat with friends and it was yummy.  I like burgers every now and then.

The peanuts were a great treat for my friend who does not eat potatoes....and they were roasted nicely too.   Also there were not peanuts all over the floor like some places tend to do.   The music was too loud, but we complained about that.  They told us they would be more than happy to lower the volume when it is too loud for customers. That was nice.   And the food?  Well, we all enjoyed eating our burgers.  In fact, some of the ladies even talked about their burgers later, saying how good it was.

Kids like it!

Sometimes a good old fashioned hamburger, grease and all. one that is not selected from a made up menu, and does not cost you ten dollars, one with all your favorite condiments on it,  just hits the spot! 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tecate Grill

Looking for someplace new to try, and thinking about Mexican food, we settled in on trying a place that has been around a while, but we had never been to, or for that matter, even seen before....Tecate Grill

 Located on Spokane's northside  at 2503 W. Wellesley  we didn;t know what to epect, but the place looked busy..  there was also customer in the parking lot that had just come out, carrying a to-go container.  Geo asked her the proverbial question..."How was the food?"
She gae the restaurant a rave review... and in we went!

We were promptly greeted, seated and genuinely treated as welcomed guests.

We were even given the "low down" on various menu items and our server offered to answer any questions.   We ordered three items between three of us...

Arroz con Pollo,
Seafood Tacos...
One is fish and one is shrimp
and Taquitos

Muy Bien!

My favorite food was definately the shrimp taco.

 I liked the pics on display too....

I also like that they have veggie options on their menu...

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Playing the Fork Game

 And now for the fork game.....

See the forks to the right?

The way they are placed represents a number.Can you guess what number they represent?

Not sure?  Look again...

Need another perspective?

Did you guess yet?
Do you know what it is?

It's a 5!

Sunnie's Fro Sun Yogurt

Who can resist a cold fro yo treat after a long, hot summer day? Not I.  On one particular hot summer evening, we thought to try "Sunnies."

Sunnie's Fro Sun Yogurt is located at 2225 W.Wellesley in Spokane, east side of the shopping center where Walmart is.   It is much like the other local, popular, self-serve yogurt shops in town.  They offer samples of
their yogurt, post various fro yo eating ideas,
offer a wide variety of toppings and customers pay by the ounce for their tasty treat, but there were a few things I found to be a bit original.

The first difference, was the flavor.  I noticed a difference immediately. All the yogurt flavors had the same distinct flavor experience, so I figured it was part of the brand's uniqueness. Another difference was  that there were some interesting toppings that I have not noticed at other places... like freshly sliced bananas and bacon bits. .(Would you have thought of bacon bits as a dessert topping?  That is an original to me!) This place even  boasts that they try to accommodate various dietary needs by serving Non fat. Lactose free, gluten and dairy free options, even sorbet.  No kidding, these people ever serve fro-yo that is" kosher!"

They had this flavor too... Candy Bar Smash.

I tasted almost all the flavors and finally settled in on three.... strawberry vanilla and chocolate with hot fudge, peanut sauce and slivered almonds on top.  Mine is the one on the right.


With all the choices of cold yogurt-y dessert bases, toppings and the fun summery atmosphere, it's evident that Sunnie's strives to make customers feel welcomed and appreciated.  There is even music on the patio!
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Friday, June 28, 2013


It's a big hard not to type an exclamation point after typing "Zola."  I am not sure if that is because it is such a fun word to say or because it's such an interesting little night spot.  They have live music EVERY night of the week, a dance floor, a friendly staff and crowd, and let's not forget to mention, good food.  To top all of this off, the eclectic decor at Zola's is fascinating.  It could easily be called, "Zola!"

 Tonight's band was The Bucket List.  I have heard these three play before... they are good.

To see who else is playing on a given day, go to the Zola Website:

Now, on to the eats....


Exceptionally yummy Mac and Cheese!

They served us three of these sliders...
And such was our visit to "Zola!"

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