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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ambrosia Bistro and Wine Bar

This place, Ambrosia, had been on my personal wish list for a long time.  I am intrigued by the building and at the seeming invisibility of the place when driving by.  You have to know it is there, have an address or something; or you kinda have to hunt for their sign on Argonne St.
The address is 9211 E. Montgomery  in Spokane Valley, same shopping center as Yokes and Timber Creek. 

Finally, my wishlist got smaller when we went here for an office party.

Despite some difficulty in finding this little tucked away dining spot, word on the street has been that it was a great little restaurant, so I was very happy to try it, especially as a gift dining-out for the office people over the holidays.

I didn't get very good photos.  I avoid using a flash and it was dark lighting.

 Everyone seemed to like their food, and with a large number of us attending together for dinner, I got to see a lot of the variety of the menu and hear feedback from different people.  Everyone seemed to like it, and there were no complaints about food, except for the person who didn't like horseradish in his mashed potato... It was, he said, "A little too much."
Someone else thought the amount of horseradish was great.  Goes to show ya.... tastebuds can be unique

The Szechuan Green Bean appetizer was a large portion and quite tasty...
I do love green beans.

Here is the Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese...

The Deep Fried Mac was different.  Who would have thought it would be good.  Not me.  I did try it though.  It was good.   Geo liked it.

It came in interesting little square shapes too, served with an avocado and tomatillo sauce. Most definitely, this was a new twist on a traditional comfort food at least for me.

The dinner photos I have are blurry and would not do the dishes justice, so I will not be posting them.  You can look at Ambrosia's menu and prices here, and see what kinds of things they offer.   I will however show you some of our lovely desserts.  There were repeats among us, of course, and we did get to try a few as people shared.

Simply divine!  Perhaps this is why the name of the place is "Ambrosia."

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