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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Broadway Diner @ Flying J's

There is just something cool about an eighteen wheeler.  There is something cool too about the people that spend their lives on the road driving these big rigs from town to town, coast to coast... so the rest of us can remain local.

Two things for certain... when it comes to trucking and stopping to eat at a restaurant: One, you cannot park those big trucks just anywhere, so when it comes time to stop and eat there had better be some parking; and two, truckers, while wanting to relax after a hard days drive, also expect fast, friendly service and good tasting, home-style food.   This place has it.

Okay, so maybe there is one more thing.  Trucks stops have to be ready to serve trucking customers anytime day or night.  I tell ya, this is just what Geo and I found at the Flying J's Broadway Diner in the Flying J Travel Plaza, 6606 E. Broadway, Spokane.

They have a lot of things on their menu!

Cool selection...Bad picture...
Don't try to read it.
                                                             They have specials daily too.

Geo ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwhich Special.... This was a Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with... get this...

... deep fried mozzarella sticks on the inside!
  It was served with a marinara sauce.
Geo also had the daily soup, which was a beefy noodle soup.

I had been hoping to have a hamburger sometime in our many travels, so I ordered the Bacon Blue Burger.... (named so because it is cooked and served with blue cheese and bacon on the burger).  Yum!  It had all the fixen's... and from the selection of sides offered, I ordered ketchup and fries!
I enjoyed being around the truckers, overhearing them talk about their travels... and I enjoyed reading the humorous signs posted around the restaurant.

I met one of the truckers, and he let me photograph his trucking shirt!

 Thanks Mark (and Theresa!)
This is a truck stop with a touch of home.... a nice place to recharge....and rendezvous.

Hungry at midnight?
 You can even stop in, just to have dessert.

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