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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning Sun Bakery

Need a little sunshine?

The Morning Sun, located at 5602 N. Wall St. is a pleasant spot for sure.  I just love this little north side neighborhood it is in, mainly because I think it rather "Rockwell" that the neighborhood itself is like a miniature city with little businesses in it.  On Wall St. one can find many nice little shops.

Street view from the window...

I have seen or visited personally, a couple of restaurants, including pizza, a book store, hair and nail salons, a pet parlor, an optical care shop, a Scottish Highland dance studio, chiropractor offices and most certainly, coffee stops. and that is just south of Francis Avenue!

I like a good latte and pastry once in a while, or a place to meet up with friends... and on my long list of great places to go... this is definitively one!  It's warm and roomy inside, homey even.  I like that.

The people who work here are welcoming and friendly, the music is pleasant, and the signs make me laugh!

The coffee is made to order and the pastries... which along with the coffee might be your reason for coming here... are divine! There are some neat creations!

They are pretty big too, like this cookie, but big is always great and fun to share between friends!

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  1. Thanks for this review! I can't wait to visit!