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Monday, May 27, 2013

Satellite Diner and Lounge

Where will YOU go out for food when you are out and about and it is after... say, "10:00 PM" in Spokane?  Well, just when you thought you'd just go home and have a bowl of cereal... you can think again about going out.  You can try the Satellite Diner, located at 421 E. Sprague Avenue;   they are open till 4 AM!  They have great food and a fun menu to-boot!

The Satellite Diner, while new to me is not the new kid on the block either.  I was told by my server that it has been in business about 15 years.

It wasn't too late when we found ourselves there, but it's wan't the breakfast hour either.  Still all repent had breakfast foods and it was great.  The service was great, the food was great...and the crowd was friendly that lingered outside.  The only problem we  had was in having a hard time finding the door on the way in! We almost found ourselves in the lounge! we discovered that the lounge and diner have separate entrances.

(You can order the same great food from inside the lounge.. you just will be carded going in.  You won't be carded walking into the diner though.) 

One highlight for me was reading the menu.  It is truly very clever.  For example... instead of "milk" they offer Cow Juice... (even our family's favorite pink kind!)

They offer to cook your food to order... anyway you like .. and give you adequate warnings about the risks you take in that:

  There is a lovely selection of Omelets....

 And they offer some "EXTREME EATING OPTIONS" of interest too:

We ordered....The Satellite Stacker...
 With some super thick (and yummy) pancakes!
One of the EXTREME Eating Options...The Biscuit Stacker...which is "cheesy hashbrowns, homemade biscuit, sausage parry, bacon, two eggs and gravy.  Yes, it was served like this!
Our other dish was one of their yummy Omelettes.... The Meteorite.  Boeing here, loved the German Sausage.
Loved that diner!
How about you?
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