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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tecate Grill

Looking for someplace new to try, and thinking about Mexican food, we settled in on trying a place that has been around a while, but we had never been to, or for that matter, even seen before....Tecate Grill

 Located on Spokane's northside  at 2503 W. Wellesley  we didn;t know what to epect, but the place looked busy..  there was also customer in the parking lot that had just come out, carrying a to-go container.  Geo asked her the proverbial question..."How was the food?"
She gae the restaurant a rave review... and in we went!

We were promptly greeted, seated and genuinely treated as welcomed guests.

We were even given the "low down" on various menu items and our server offered to answer any questions.   We ordered three items between three of us...

Arroz con Pollo,
Seafood Tacos...
One is fish and one is shrimp
and Taquitos

Muy Bien!

My favorite food was definately the shrimp taco.

 I liked the pics on display too....

I also like that they have veggie options on their menu...

Tecate Grill on Urbanspoon

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