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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Noble Roman's Pizza Express

This particular Noble Roman's opened without me even noticing  (Maybe it's a little bit stealth?  Maybe I have not been thinking of pizza..... and not thinking of take and bake?)  The shop is easy to find, just a little tucked into the north end of the parking lot of the North Point shopping Center, Hawthorn and Division. There is parking as well as a convenient drive up window, jut nowhere to eat your pizza inside.
 At any rate, upon discovering this new drive-through take-and-bake pizza place in north Spokane, (near the north end of the parking area of the North Point Shopping Center,) we just had to try it!  However. we did not use the drive-through. We went inside to get a really good look at the place and see what kind of pizza and pizza process they had.

Right away someone came into the lobby to explain their "P'ZA "menu....They were very helpful.

There were also a variety of pizza/cooking supplies for sale in the lobby.  They sell.pans, cutters, racks, mitts, paddles... things like that.

But on to the real reason we were  Inside, they have a case with some ready made products..... pizza, salads and desserts.  They also make wraps, subs, salads and offer on-line coupons.
We did not have a coupon.... because we found this place by driving by.... but now I know!
 And I do like this take and bake option for pizza.
 The place felt like a sub sandwich shop where you could tell them what items you want them to put or not put on your pizza.

 Here is our pizza being made.  It is a Sicilian thick crust.  They make it up, you take it, and bake it at home.  We actually ordered a second pizza while we were there and this was just for just a few dollars more.  Our plan was to bake the second pizza another day.  The pizza comes with complete instructions for baking.
 The pizza comes with complete instructions for baking.
Whalla!  P'ZA!

Here is our Alfredo Chicken pizza, number two.  It is a regular crust.

And now for something completely different.... Geo cooks at home!
These instructions are easy to understand.

The pizza cooked up nicely.  Serves eight.

And the pizza tasted great!  This special dough and sauce made it seems a little bit like lasagna.   Maybe it was the power of suggestion of the pan too?  We definitely liked it.   We took the other pizza to a friends house when we visited and that pizza was delicious too.

Noble Roman's will get my business again.  Next time, I may even use the drive-thru.

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