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Friday, March 14, 2014

Did's Pizza and Froyo

Did's Pizza and Fro Yo ix located on Division St... 5406.... right next to Thai Bamboo.  In fact both stores have the same owner.  In addition to Pizza and Frozen Yogurt they have Calzones, Salads, Espresso, Fresh Juices, Bubble Tea, Shaved Ice, Smoothies, and Hawaiian Barbecue Pork and Chicken too.  The emphasis here is on the Hawaiian... It feels quite tropical.

 Being as it s a "surf-y" little place, you can be sure it is a fun spot to visit in the summer time, but in Spokane in winter... if you need to chase away the winter blues... this might be the place for you.  At night it is especially fun as as there are lots of neon lights.

It is a fun decor.  They have kind of a light show inside as the lights flash while music plays... and they have some video games you can play.

I could not believe how many flavors of froyo they had to offer.  Then I discovered that each machine holds two that mix together to give you a different flavor.  It was still a lot of flavors!  Froyo is self serve... and you may sample to see if you like it too.

This little girl wants the "pink" Cupcake flavor.

Cupcake with sprinkles.

   This oven for cooking pizza has eyes....

It was fun to watch this man make the shaved ice!  It was huge!
I thought Did's was fun.

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