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Monday, February 9, 2015

Sushi Sakai Suchi and Saki Bar

 Sushi Saki serves many things.... especially sushi.
They had quite a selection and make beautiful "party boats" too!

Please see their menu, here.

This is a family owned restaurant.... with lots of room... and options for seating.  It is located at the intersection of Bowdish and Sprague... in Spokane Valley at 11520 East Sprague Ave.

It is also pretty authentic.
Here is our tea and miso soup!  It was, "Oh sooooo good!"
While I have tasted sushi. and I like many of the flavors, it's not my favorite things o the menu. 
We selected the tempura vegetables.. which IS one of my favorites!
and we were in the mood for Korean...

We ordered Bolgogi!  Pork and Chicken.  Here are the condiments that were served with it:

One can be happy when you can enjoy it the next day also!

They offer catering, and private rooms and rates for  private parties.  They are also listed on the Urbanspoon "gluten free friendly" restaurant list if that is of interest to you. too.

Sushi Sakai on Urbanspoon

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