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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teriaki Express

This Restaurant is great.  It used to be a Zips, then it was Tae's, Now it is Teriyaki Express.  Today we tried the new version of the restaurant, which now has an emphasis on teriyaki and more recently a sushi bar. The new owners are Chung Kim and Hiyang.  It is very good oriental food!

Since Teriyaki is traditionally more of a Japanese dish, we thought maybe the new owners were Japanese, but they are not; they are Korean.  This perhaps explains why the Kim Chee we had was very good!  It was so good that we bought more to take home. Hiyang made it herself.  She told us that KimChee (or Kim Chi) i is one thing that is hard to make. She makes it about every ten days or so. Her sister is the owner of the Korean store next to our most favorite Korean place... Kim's, where we used to buy Kim chi all the time. Anyhow, the teriaki was tasty and the Kim Chee was superb.

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