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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Did I mention that we like oriental food?

Mr. Wok is one of those places that we have frequented time and time again. The food is good, the bathrooms are clean, (at least when I have been inspecting them) the service is nice, the price is reasonable and we like the people who run the restaurant. What more could a costumer ask for?

We have our favorite dishes that we like to order here: Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po and seasoned noodles. These are the usual unless of course we deviate from the norm or have guests with us. We also like the rice bowls which are about $5.00.  More places should offer rice bowls, especially for lunch.  As a side note: This place makes the best Ma Po Tofu ever.

The atmosphere at Mr. Wok is sort of a cross between a sit down restaurant and fast food. When you arrive, you do not get seated, instead you place your order at the counter, as if you we eating at MacDonalds. Then you take a seat and the server brings your food to the table, unless of course, you order your food TO GO. Then it is all packaged nice and neat so you can take it with you when it is ready.

That's what we do sometimes, order it TO GO.  We eat in sometimes too. 

Mr. Wok is located in a small shopping mall next to Wendy's at the Division "Y."

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  1. I worked there for about 2+ years and loved it!! The people who own it are great people! I still go there to this day! Support your LOCAL businesses!