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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taco Bell

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would write about Taco Bell. Some people would argue that Taco Bell is NOT real Mexican food, but let me say Taco Bell, in my opinion, does a pretty good job of making the food they do and it's definitely tacos and burritos, not fish and chips nor burgers and fries. Now, as to whether it's Mexican Food or not, one thing is certain... it's tacos and burritos. I just happen to like tacos and burritos, and I like Taco bell.

Even though today IS Cinco de Mayo, I did not eat at Taco Bell today, I didn't even go out to eat! I just thought that since Taco Bell is someplace we frequent, and they specialize in Tacos and burritos, (which are Mexican foods) I would write about it.

I know that some people cringe and Taco Bell being thought of as Mexican food, but I tell ya, I have eaten in restaurants that think they are Mexican, but are not. Although Taco Bell has a sort of flavor of it's own, it is tacos and burritos, and much more "mexican" that some of the places I have been that claim authenticity.

For example, when we first moved to Michigan, which was definitely "gringo"-ville, (as the locals are mostly Finnish or Canadian and say "ay" after every other syllable when they speak.) I remember clearly how it was that before we moved, we were seriously afraid we would miss eating all the delicious Mexican food we were used to eating in our hometown. We were afraid that they would not even know how to say Jalepeno, after all we were going to the Uppish land of pasties and smelt.

Desperate for Mexican food, we decided to at least try the local "Mexican Food" restaurant in Marquette at that time. I pretty much laughed my way through dinner. The food was good, but it was definitely not Mexican Food. In fact, it was more like Italian Food.

Being Italian myself, I found it hilarious that they served enchiladas with oregano, and ricotta cheese. I thought I would die laughing as I ate the food. Real Tacos do not taste like spaghetti sauce.

I would have been really happy to have even a Taco Bell, but there was none. I would make my own tacos and enchiladas at home, but I missed my tamales. I endured Mexican food withdrawals for a while, but sometime later someone opened a restaurant in Gwinn with authentic tasting food, which helped us with our homesicknesses. (I think sometimes a person raised on Mexican food just needs homemade tortillas and frijoles. (beans) Now we live in a place which has a lot of Mexican food restaurants to choose from, run by authentic Mexicans too, but when you do not have time, or money, to spend at a fancy food place, Taco Bell is sure handy, and it's yummy too!

For fast food, Taco Bell is definitely fast. Sometimes, but not always, their drive through is amazing, though they have been known to make a mistake or two. Also their TV commercials, are not disgusting like some other food chains, (who will be unmentioned,) and you can even order al fresco.. (meaning, their lower fat menu.) Taco Bell is one of those places we stop occasionally to grab a bite to eat, and best of all, the price is right. Depending on what you order, you can eat for less than $1.00, or feed a crowd without spending a small fortune. I like that.

My favorite thing to order there is a tostada, I have a special affinity with tostadas from my vegetarian days. However, they always make a mess of it. I mean ALWAYS. I order it, because I happen to like it, but I always consider the possibility of never ordering it again... and then I do. I never have hard anything I didn't like at Taco Bell, (except for the fruity drink, which I thought was too sweet.) Well, this could be also because I usually order the same thing, tostada.

Another plus for the restaurant is shier clean bathrooms.

When we first moved to Spokane the Northside Taco Bell was new and it was pretty much the further thing on that side of Division street. The city has grown Northward quite a bit since then.

I remember eating at Taco Bell when I was just a kid, which is probably another reason I like it, and I like it better than the other Taco joints that have popped up around town. It must have been about the seventies, but I remember they used to make an item called the Bellburger that was kinda like a sloppy joe sandwich on a hamburger bun only it was made with the taco meat and all the taco trimmings. I also remember when burritos could be ordered with green sauce or red sauce and they only cost 49 cents. I think they were even less before that. But they are still cheap at about 89 cents. However, they do not do green sauce anymore, at least not where I live.

I didn't go out to eat in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, but if I did, I would definitely have tacos and burritos. They might even be from Taco Bell. I would be happy. One thing for sure, I wouldn't have to worry about enchiritos with oregano and cottage cheese!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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