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Monday, June 1, 2009

Sonic Drive In (not Drive thru)

Sonic Drive-in opened last summer in Spokane and it was all the rage for weeks. No doubt this was partially due to the fact that Californians who move to Spokane miss their old favorites and Sonic is one of them. I think that a lot of people just like the nostalgia of the 50's too. I never hear of Sonic before the new restaurant opened in our town, and I never took the opportunity to try them until last weekend after we watched Spokane Community College Theater's production of Hole in the Sky. (which, BTW, was an intense and amazing production~)

First we were simply going to go through Wendy's drive through, but before we reached the window we change our minds, thinking to try Sonic instead. We drove through the drive thru without stopping to order; we just drove right through. However, Geo decided that he wanted Wendy's not Sonic, so we drove back trough and ordered some stuff, then we went to Sonic for the rest of our order.

The nice thing about the experience was not having to hurry and and order because people were behind you. I also liked the fact that you sit there instead of drive away with your food. It's still eating in the car... but there is more mess control than what usually happens in a car when you go to fast food drive through.

Comparing Burger to burger... ice treat to ice treat...( between Wendy's and Sonic)... Wendy's wins, and I am sad to say, I did not think it was a very great burger, which was all I had.

Beth ordered a coconut something or another that didn't taste like coconut to her, but rather banana... George concurred, "banana." N. ordered food too... and I don't remember what Nate's verdict was on the matter, but I would probably not go there again as a first choice of someplace to go. We figured the confusion came about because Geo had to order the food three times because the person behind the speaker-phone and cash register asked him to repeat the order that many times. Later there was problem with the billing too and after swiping the card in the machine in front of him, the guy on skates had to go inside to redo the billing.

Okay, so maybe I am just being nice when I say that all in all, it was worth the experience. I was glad to finally be able to say I had tried the Sonic. I drive by it all the time, and now, I know that I am not missing much, except the unlimited selection of drink flavors you can order. If I do go again, it will probably be just for some fun slurpular thing... and I will check to be sure the order is right too. I will have to say that it was a kinda fun thing to do at least once. After all, it's not every day that you get your food brought to you on roller skates...and this while you sit in your car and eat, complete with kids in tow (in the back seat.)

I have to say that it was truly a family experience... a flashback in time...Before my time.. and yet, I think it might even be more fun... sipping a silly soda in say, a 57 Chevy, or maybe a mustang convertible.

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  1. yeah, we tried Sonic a while ago, and were pretty disappointed with the food. we havent been back since. we decided almost any burger joint in Spokane is better. Lori H