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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chalet

This restaurant is interesting because a lot of people were there when we were there. It was as if it's one of Spokane's favorites. Located on the South Hill, its kinda like a Denny's. Sherry's or Perkins atmosphere and menu, and it feels like the 70's to me. We had almost tried this place once before, but got sidetracked by a little Chinese spot nearby instead.

The people were friend\ly and the food was pleasant, but nothing spectacular, just good. Geo had the Cobb Salad and I had just a side salad because I had already eaten a little bit before meeting him for dinner. We both had coffee, which was served by the potful.

With a name like Chalet, you can imagine how quaint the place is. It looks like a ski chalet, or swiss alps type of place. It was pleasant, but rather 70's... except the music. I actually kinda liked it as the last place was Chinese food that had oldies music playing. It was a strange combination, (but not as strange as eating Taco at Taco Del Mar to the music of a carousel.) I mean, how often does one get to listen to old favorites like "Home on the Range?" (only in Spokane at the Chalet, I am sure.)

I did spend a lot of time re-decorating the place with skis, snowboards and snowflakes in my mind and wondering if I painted it blue, what kinds of music I would pipe in for the guests. We even talked to the manager about it. He said he's working on it, so I trust he is. In the meantime it's a fine little place, just a little dated. The food was good, the service excellent and the customers in side seemed happy and we are glad we tried it.

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