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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pizza Hut

Well, we did visit Pizza Hut on the weekend. Its remarkable to me that this restaurant has been in business so long, and no wonder, it's yummy food. We had a stuff crust pizza. Beth loves it, but it is not my favorite. We had pizza and salad, to which I want to say we always enjoy their salad bar, even though the size of the plate that they give you for a salad leaves a little bit to be desired. I remember when they used to give you those oval ones..... you know, where the food did not fall off on your way to the table.

While we were eating, we were discussing the new remodeling that has been done at one of the local fast food places, which I will not mention, except to say that although we have enjoyed their food and their prices, we do not like to eat at any more because of their often vulgar or "dark" commercials; but we were talking and found it interesting that through all the years Pizza Hut has pretty much stayed the same. I mean, little, if anything has changed in their decor, at least the Pizza Huts that I have been to in my long life. It makes me kind of happy in an ever-changing world to have something that is stable, predictable and even a bit nostalgic.

And I also would applaud Pizza Hut for sponsoring the Book It reading program that our family has done for years. They really do reward kids with FREE pizza for learning to read and practicing their reading skills. It can be used in schools by teachers, or even by homeschoolers. Like everything else, the program has a definite er...a... political flavor in how it is marketed, especially to the public schools, (I see that now they are even going GREEN...) but they do help you give your kids incentive to read... and the servers at Pizza Hut, applauding kids for reading is really awesome too. Reading is important.

If you want to know more about the Book It program see:

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