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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tungloon Garden

The SinKing Room Restaurant. 

What can I say... we like Chinese food and this was a good place to eat.  It was full of things that made it interesting too and I may just tell about them....

First of all, we went here on the Fourth of July, and only after driving around trying to find someplace that was open. We had been here before, but not for a while and we do love Chinese food, so we decided this was going to be the place for us... even though we had been here before.

The food was good. I am still learning about Chow dishes and ordered Chow Mein without the noodles, which I think is called Chop Suey. We also ordered a Korean favorite, Bolgoki and a hot spicy beef noodle soup (another favorite) they call Special J or Super J, here... difference between the two is how many veggies are in your bowl.  (Very interesting!)

Okay, so there we were... eating good Chinese and Korean cooking, and we were listening to American Oldies on a radio station being played in the restaurant while we ate our food. Too funny if you ask me, or maybe it is "interesting."  Chinese music would have been more the ambiance if you ask me, but I didn't mind the oldies. Nate did however. He doesn't really care for anything that might be labeled, "rock and "or "oldies." I am not sure why several Chinese restaurants we have been at play this kind of music... rather than amplify the flavor of the food, but these kinds of things is what makes each place unique.... or rather,   uniquely "interesting."

Afterward we went to Riverfront Park downtown Spokane to enjoy the fireworks and I had to laugh when the band across the river was playing oldies rock... remember the band Chicago? Poor Nate.(16)  He looked at me and said, "I thought it was bad enough I had to listen to oldies while we ate Chinese food, and now I have to listen to this."  I didn't mind either the oldies in the restaurant or the  park myself.

And since we aretalking about interesting things:

From an English speaking perspective, I take note that this restaurant boasts of it's Sin King Room, although it might be a Sinking Room... (I think it is Sin King) and I am just guessing, but I think it refers to their lounge. Whether it is sinking or sin king, I kinda think (IMHO) the name fits a room intended for drinking booze.

I also found this particularly humorous as I went to the lounge area and read a sign that said,


Probably every drinking establishment as a disclaimer of sorts, but since I do not frequent drinking establishments this was a new sign to me, and not only that it was in the SINKING ROOM to boot!

My thought:
This is a bar, a drinking of alcohol establishment, and once a person is served a drink and consumes an alcoholic beverage, isn't that person "apparently under the influence of alcohol"?

I know, I am naive....

My friends who can drink a bit before showing signs of intoxication, or who are responsible for serving Alcoholic drinks to people in restaurants, would think me to be so... ( naive.) Some of them even tell me, I think way too much... In fact they probably understand this sign and its intent, I could too if my thinking were not thinking the way it is... and it did strike me in a funny way, mostly... probably.... because I am unfamiliar with such a sign. I read it to say, "Buying and drinking more than one drink here is illegal," or maybe, "we serve alcohol and we know it is bad to be drunk, but we serve it anyhow, however we do so responsibly." I think there is a little bit of irony in it myself.

So, I will add Tunloon Garden to our list of Chinese eating establishments. Geo, really liked it, I thought it was "okay" Chop Suey, bean spout style, is probably not my favorite., but it was good! And Nate.. didn't like the music, but he liked the food.

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