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Monday, August 3, 2009


On the way home from Art on the Green in CdA, we decided to stop by at Cabala's and see the store people have been talking about. The store opened in Post Falls ID, Nov. 2007, but this was my first time there. It was new too for N and B who were with us.

I had heard a lot about the store because Geo had been there with a friend who was visiting from India, but mostly what I heard about was the incredible animal displays. Our Indian friend had never seen animals like the ones he saw there. They were so out of the ordinary for him that he just could not imagine some of them even being real.

I guess I am jus not into the dead animal scenery because it really ws not that impressive, or at least it was not what the guys made me to imagine as they were telling me their animal tales about Cabela's. Personally I find the idea of taxidermy animals a bit morbid, but if you are interested in seeing animals, it's about the best thing we have to a zoo in this area which is a sad thing to say. There is a lion a rhino, a polar bear a moose wolverines puma warthog zebra moose, bears to name a few. There are also large fish that B. , like our friend from India, thought were not even real. However we went to Cabela's not just to see the animals, but to have a bite to eat.

I have to say, the store is a trip. I wondered around thinking it pretty funny that grown men would get such a kick out of shopping there for costumes to make themselves look like walking bushes and watch videos presented to them by amunition experts on video tape. And I also find the idea of baiting animals so you can shoot them when they come to feed disturbing... This kinda thing is not really "hunting" if you ask me.

They also have a bear trap display on the wall as you leave that we looked at. Those are some strange devices to consider. I have never come face to face with a bear nor had to feel like I needed to trap one, but I suppose they are not always so good to have roaming around in the neighborhood causing trouble for humans. The cruelty factor perplexes me as does the stories of people and other animals that have been known to accidentally get snapped in a hidden bear trap in the woods.

We did not eat at the art festival, because we were looking for the famous New York Sausages but never found them and had to lea e because we were running out of time before we had to be back home. We did find a vegetarian stand we were thinking of eating at but they were right next to a chicken eaters sandwich stand and the two stands, right next to each other was sort of ridiculing the other... one ridiculing the other for eating chickens and one the other for not eating chickens. It was a little unappetizing to have to choose between the two, so off we went....with Cabela's in mind.

Based on what I had heard, I was under the impression that the restaurant would be more than a cafeteria experience but it was not. A cafeteria experience it was, although they call it both a restaurant and a delicatessen. Basically you get in line and either order your selection and watch it being cooked real quick or you can take ready made items from the shelves. You put your stuff on your tray and then pay for it at a cash register in another line, and find a seat. Even B. commented that she felt like she was in a school cafeteria.

I guess you would say the restaurant is unique in that you can order unusual items, like elk, wild boar, Bison, and ostrich. Where else in Spokane can one find such delicacies?

You can order more normal things too like turkey, ham, tuna, roast beef, chicken, hamburgers, pizza, fries and hot dogs. Feeling a little vegetarian that day, I had a small salad and some cole slaw which I got from the shelves. Everything else on the menu seemed like it would be loaded with fat and sodium. The rest of the fam ordered things like: a chili bread bowl, chili fries and a hamburger that looked great. It was tasty, but I do not think I would make a special trip to eat there, unless of course I had a hankerin fer some ostrich or bison, yall know what I mean?

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  1. Yeah, the Cabela's here at Post Falls is pretty lame, we were pretty disappointed since we have seen the real thing at Mitchell South Dakota..if you ever have a chance..go see it and you will understand the reason for Cabela's fame. This one's wildlife display is so lame..the one at Mitchell begins as you enter the store there is a magnificant statue depicting foxes and some geese and pheasants taking off..and inside..their aquarium..HUGE!! and the wildlife display is also enormous, plus they have a brook running thru the store, with live fish in it, with a bridge to walk across to the is really worth the stop if you are ever in Mitchell. we were excited to hear there was one here now so we went to see it and came away wondering if it was really the same store!!