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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot Rod Cafe

Driving from Couer De Alene to Spokane or from Spokane to Couer De Alene, you can't miss it. Post Falls sits directly between the two.  Getting there from the highway might be a bit of a challenge if you are in a hurry, but finding it is worth the time.  if you can see the sign, you can figure out how to get there...or stop and ask a local for directions... right?

There along side the highway in Post Falls ID, I always saw the sign, HOT ROD CAFE,  and I always wanted to try it, but we were always going someplace else... and when Geo suggested we try it, get a hamburger and a shake instead of Thai food, I have to admit.. I was a little crushed, but I couldn't resist much, after all I have seen the movie CARS and I love Herbie the Love Bug too. I have even watched an Indy 500 and sat in the stands watching my brother either be in the pit or race a time or too. Besides that,  have a friend named Steve who always gives this place high reviews.  We simply could not drive by and not stop.

This place is amazing. We could only laugh as we walked past the old fashioned gas pumps outside and entered the restaurant to the sound of a revving car engines. Out mouths must have dropped with amazement as we looked up at all the motorcycles, cars and car paraphernalia decorating the place. This was a car lovers paradise.

Like a bar, there are video screens showing scenes, from every direction in the restaurant, so that no one misses what is on the screen, but it's not girls dancing or sports you'll see; its a peek under the hoods of sports cars, roadsters, dragsters and exciting scenes of cars racing. Their are parking meters at each table and as you read the cleverly devised menu, listen to the sights and to the sounds, you just simply know, it's completely understood that motorease is spoken here, and mechanics of every kind are welcome.

As for the menu, I really got a kick out of the fact that french fries were called wrench fries and cole slaw, car slaw. Besides that, there were many many other linguistic treats. The best of all was that they even serve Hot Rod Pad Thai! (THAT, and so many other interesting items (like... calamari) it was truly hard for us to decide what to eat!)

We ordered a hamburger to share, so it was cut in half for us. It was big! (1/2 pounder.) So we shared a hamburger bar b que style... and piston rings! Okay, well, they were really onion rings. : ) Geo had a 1950's style vanilla shake and I had rip-roaring strawberry lemonade. ( I just called it "rip roaring" it's officially shake rattle and roll on the sipsational menu...)

You can take a photographic tour of the restaurant here: Tour. I think it's pretty cool. A fun place to celebrate something special! Maybe like the acquiring of a license to drive... or a birthday or anniversary! (Geo and I were celebrating ... 29 years of marriage!)

As we left a little horn honked at us, going through the doorway as if say, "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

I hope to go back. I kinda liked it. I am thinking that with Pad Thia on the menu, it might even be an easy place to get Geo to drive to once again, and I might need that kind of lure with him, unless of course I am in the driver's seat!

These are photos from a subsequent visit there with my son. 

: )
 a sideways smile and a sideways shake!

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