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Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Dragon

This place was a rather good find. It's on Francis, near the Fred Meyer store, (on the North side of the road.) The servers were not as attentive as I think they should be, but  service was adequate however, the food, good and the atmosphere, definitely fun and Chinese. The decorative lights in the window flashed like Chinese firecrackers!

(This restaurant closed on 2009... moved to a new location... please see post for Red Dragon in  Hillyard

The Red Dragon, for whatever reason, just simply was not very appealing to me to try for along time. Maybe that's because it's sandwiched between a tattoo parlor and a hair salon and another Chinese food place. Finally Geo talked me into it, and we decided to go. He tells me he ordered take out from here before that he liked, but I didn't remember.  So, with a brief discussion of it all off we went to see what kind of Chnese food they had. It was good!

For appetizers we ordered the potstickers which our waitress said were homemade there at the restaurant. These were quite good as was the sauce they were served with. I kinda liked the idea that they weren't from a frozen box the chinese restaurant bought from Costco, know what I mean. I could make THAT at home!

They brought us a cup of soup while we waited for our dinner to be served. I was not really sure if this was because it came with the meal or because our meal wasn't quite ready. It seemed like maybe our service was a little slow. We ate it.

Geo ordered a new dish, well, new to him. It's called Moo Shu Pork. This was a delicious blend of vegetables and pork, mostly cabbage, in a stir fry that gets rolled up in Chinese crepes. It's served with plum sauce and very yummy. The crepes we had didn't stand up to it all too well. I think the key to eating them without a mess might be to make them and eat them promptly, not let them sit on your plate while you make one for a friend.

I ordered Mandarin crispy beef, which I thought might be a little like the dish they serve at Panda Express. It was different, but tasty. It had lots of veggies too.

We also ordered hot tea which was served in a teapot as loose leaf tea. We had to strain the tea with a special sieve which was given to us with the teapot after it steeped a bit. this could add or detract from your dining experience depending on your preferences. I kinda prefer not to have to strain my tea with unusual strainers, and this only because I almost forgot to lift out the strainer once and Geo forgot the strainer completely once and ended up getting leaves in his cup. All was remedied.

The Red Dragon does take out delivery and catering too. Kinda interesting that you could simply call them up and have food delivered to your door.

I do not think they deliver to my neck of the woods, but they might deliver to yours.

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