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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pauline's Place

Pauline's in closed on Hwy 2, but I received this note from a reader June 2013:

"Pauline's is now located in Deer Park. The location you visited is now   
called The Boat Launch."

This little restaurant is relatively new. It has been open now for at least a few months, and I intended to try it sooner, but it has just taken me a while to get there. Located at 14819 N Newport Hwy, there have been several attempted businesses at this spot. There was a donut shoppe for a while and then it was the location of a middle eastern food cafe, but one day I looked up and saw the sign in front of the place. It had become something new, Pauline's.

I have to say that I thought the sign was hard to read from the highway though. It took me several drives past at highway speed before I was able to actually read what it said, and even then I pulled my car over to do it. It said, Pauline's and had a rodeo-riding ropin'-cowboy on it.

"YEehaw!" I thought to myself, " Bout time we got us a cowboy place in this neck of the woods!"

Seriously, my first thought was that all those "Big R" buckaroos across the street would love a cowboy themes restaurant! ("Big R" is a farm store where you buy tools and feed, cowboy boots, work clothes and saddles fer yer horsies.) I check the parking lot when I drive past and it seems there is often a bit of business. Cowboys and cowgirls, it seems are big on breakfast.

I understand this Pauline is the same Pauline who ran Pauline's in Deer Park. I discovered this fact when one day I was talking to a friend about how this little restaurant opened on Highway 2 and she told me that she thought it was the same person who had a restaurant where she lives, in Deer Park, and said that if it was, then it was definitely a good place to go. When I went there today, I asked the waitress and was happy to find out that it was!

The owner, Pauline, was not there, but the other Pauline was. There is more than one Pauline. I really got a kick about the fact that this was really "Pauline's Place," or maybe "Paulines Place." And my friend from Deer Park was right! They have good food.

I think their specialty, besides breakfasts, is hamburgers, and they had quite a selection. I was quite tempted to try the Chipolte Rasperry one, but since I was not sure I would like it, I went eating partner did too, but he had the bigger version. Mine was a 1/4 lb patty and his was a 1/2 pouinder... and the bun on his was BIG! I do not usually eat hambergers out unless they are on the dollar menu at some greasy frill so this was a rich and rewarding experience for me. I really liked my sandwich and Nate liked his too.

We also ordered fries. They have two kinds, home style and crispy. Nate ordered the crispy and I ordered the homestyle. Nate liked the crispy better and I liked the homestyle better. We ate it all... except the last bite or two, but only because we simply couldn't.

There was a variety of sandwiches on the menu that got my attention. It was a nice selection and bar-b-q sandwiches too. They even had strawberry shortcake for dessert, but we couldn't eat that if we tried. The people were friendly, welcoming and the service was good and the food was great. I liked the cozy, cowboy atmosphere too.

It really wasn't too cowboy inside, but one could tell that Pauline likes horses. It was fun listening to country music on the radio too.

So, if'n youser driving highway 2 up in that neck o de woods, gittin feed or going to town and need a bite to eat, Paulines might be a good little water'n; hole fer ya. And if'n yous in a hurry or yer don't wanna git outta da saddle, these's got a drive thru winder to boot!

Kay.. so maybe it's not exactly a "cowboy" place.. everyone's welcome... cowboy er not.... just come hungry.... cuz dem is good eats fer sure! 

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  1. I loved this place until it closed down. The Pauline that owned the place was a wonderful woman. I miss it and I hope she opens a new one soon.

  2. Pauline's is now located in Deer Park. The location you visited is now called The boat launch.