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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Opa Pizza

CLOSED 2012 

Last evening we had the chance to go out somewhere and after thinking of options, we decided it would be fun to try a place on the Northside. I have heard a lot about Opa Pizza, so after reading the online menu, which was interesting and calling to see if we needed reservations or not. The man who answered was really helpful and very welcoming over the phone, so we decided to try it. After browsing the online the Pizza of the Omega kind. (see menu) got our attention and we just had to try it. So off we went...

The restaurant was not quite like the photo on the internet... but it was a very cute little place and nicely decorated. We sat next to a fireplace, which was not a real fireplace, so, you might say it was a little tacky, but it did serve as a heat source and it lent itself to the romantic feel of this little adventure on a raining Saturday night.

I loved all the photos of the Mediterranean landscapes and buildings, the little touches here and there, especially the stone "columns" (which were "fake" also, but still, with a little imagination, you could have fun with it all, We enjoyed the music too, which was a mixture of Italians, Greek and to our surprise, Spanish sounds and lyrics.

It was interesting to hear that the owners of this restaurant that opened in December 2006, had sold it and it was under new management. It was a little surprising to hear that the new owners were from somewhere in South America, I think it was Peru. This explained the Spanish music for me, because I was kinda in disbelief that a Greek/Italian restaurant would play what sounded like mariachi music to me. This mystery was solved, but I have to say it suddenly became quite an international restaurant in my mind, not just Mediterranean. I imagined the new cook and the old recipe book together in my mind.

Our host for the evening he wasn't Greek either, nor Italian, and not even South American, he told us he was American, of Dutch ancestry. I think the word "eclectic" came up in our conversation. As eclectic s it was, it was fun and a most enjoyable evening. The pizza was yummy, definitely a change of pace from Pizza Hut and quite likable. We liked the bread-like texture of the crust. A little dipping oil and vinegar to go with it would have been perfect, but I decided not to ask and just enjoy.

For dessert, we shared a piece of Baklava. It was said to be homemade and we liked it, but then how could one not? It is Baklava! It was not as sweet as other Bakalava I have had, which I was happy about as usually it is so-o-o-o sweet. This was pretty good stuff.

Opa, in Greek, is an exclamation, It means something like, "Hooray!" or "You go!" I was thinking that it means grandpa, but the server told me, that, would be German. He said a lot of people do that besides me. (This restaurant was getting more international all the time, I tell ya.... but then this is more the way it is in America anyhow.) Even so, this was another place to enjoy foreign sounding words that described unusual foods, like "Baklava," and next time I may try something a little more exotic, "more Mediterranean" than pizza, but the pizza here definitely gets a hurray!

Actually... OPA!

Next time I might try something fun to say like, Tzatziki, or Saganaki, or Dolmades, or Tyropita, or Spanokopita or Gyro or Meze....

(Until then, it's all Greek to me!)

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  1. hahaha, Lisa this blog is sooo FUN! I have often driven by that place and wondered what its like. I guess we will hve to go try it!