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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pizza Factory (Deer Park)

I went with some ladies to Pizza Factory in Deer Park. This is a fun place to gather with friends. The atmosphere is always lively, the people are friendly and the restaurant has a niuce fireplace to help one stay warm when it is cold outside. Apparently Pizza Factory is a franchise. I never knew that before now. There are Pizza Factories all over Washington State. They actually boast 140 restaurants in ten states!

(Now that'sa lotsa mozzarella!)

Their motto is "They're awesome. We toss em," part of the fun is actually watching them toss the dough and make the pizzas. I think the people who work their like doing it to. It muist be fun. One guy was even spinning his cloth in the air.

I have to admit though that reason I go here isn't because I need a pizza, or a salad, when I go here it really is simply to be with friends. When I think Pizza, I tend to think of Pizza Hut, mostly because that is what is closest to me. I am really happy though that when we are there we can have pizza to eat. It's so... sooo. well, Italian! Besides all that, the people who work here and even the owners are always really friendly too. There is also a great selection on the menu.

I had to laugh this last time as I was reading the menu, deciding what to order. It was hard to choose between a one trip salad and an all you can eat pizza and salad bar. The single trip salad was 5.99 and the salad and pizza bar was 7.99. Their Pizza and Salad includes soup de jour... soup of the day that is, as well as dessert pizzas. Hard decision huh?

I went for pizza and salad.

I like the salad plates. I think they use the same size pizza hut did a long time a go for their all you can eat salad. It's nice because your food does not fall off. The salad bar itself doe not have an over abundance of items. This time they had romaine lettuce, which I like but usually they have had head lettucey stuff, which to me is not really salad at all. I was happy about the romaine, so the other items didn't really matter to me so much. I did notice they had a lot of dressings to choose from, probably a lack of salad items due to space for the dressings.

In addition to traditional pizzas, they have pizza with things like basil and tomatoes, spinach, garlic, feta cheese and chicken. They also make various kinds of pasta, calzones and deli sandwiches. One of my friends even ordered a sundae dessert, which she said was delicious. But you know, I kinda wonder, "How can anoyone really go wrong with ice cream and chocolate?'

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