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Monday, October 5, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

Tonight we headed out for a Mexican food adventure.

Driving towards Spokane Valley, we took a bit of a backwoods way, so much so that no one besides Geo, the driver with the GPS, knew where it was that we were. Geo hadn't told us where exactly it was that we were going, either, except to say, "How about Mexican?" To which we responded "Yes!" All we knew was the direction we were going in and that it was dark where we were driving.

David and Beth, (who were with us on this particular adventure,) noted that we were driving over an awful lot of railroad tracks too. David even commented that it was more railroad tracks than he ever had ever driven over in a single day!

This, plus the fact that it was night and that we felt like we were in the middle of no man's land... roaming around on dark streets in unfamiliar territory and not knowing where it was we were headed, gave us all a sense of adventure about the whole thing... and we who had
no clue where we would end up really wondered what and where that would be.

It seemed a little like we were somewhere besides Spokane, maybe even lost in the fringe of the city, somewhere in the boonies, you might say. If we stretched our imagination a little we could have imagined we were in the desert of Mexico at night, hoping to find not only our way, but maybe a cantina. Then, finally, we saw civilization! (That is, we found ourselves on the corner of Vista and Sprague.)

Turning right, heading West on Sprague, we saw what we believed to be our "south of the border "destination, and to our surprise it looked a little bit like a true Mexican "cantina." At first, Geo wasn't sure at first if it was the place or not, but the sign said OPEN. This had to be it.

It was quaint, and we were a little concerned that our imaginations had taken us just a little further than we really wanted to go. It appeared a little too small and deserted looking for our enjoyment, not really appealing as a place for a sit down dinner with friends. I would describe it as kinda like a roadside taco stand, only housed in a building with a few tables and chairs. It was Taqueria Guerrero, which Geo had "heard had great Mexican food." I will admit, it may very well be authentic and delicious, but to me it seemed more a place for lunch. So we mutually decided to save this joint for another food trek, maybe a lunch time venture... and headed off in search of another place to eat.

In short order we found ourselves passing by Puerto Vallarta Restaurant which is located at 6915 E Sprague Ave. It's just down the road a bit. After circleing their parking lot several times and scoping out the place carefully, we decided, this would be it!

It was a very welcoming place, and it felt a little bit like Mexico too., just not so primitive as a fancy taco stand. We were at first seated at a table that was just too noisy. About five different kinds of music including that of Mariachis could be heard playing. George described it a "like the music in your head when you are having a bad dream." The waiter happily relocated us as soon as we brought this to his attention.

David and Beth had already eated ealier, and we not too terribly hungry so they decided to share a meal. Geirge ordered a Chile Relleno and Enchilada combination and I ordered a Tamale and a Tostada one. I love tamales!

The food was to order and hot, the music was appropriate and we felt like we were in Mexico too as the hispanic waiters served us chips and salsa, filled out water glasses and brought us our dinners. We even got to practice our spanish with a coule of words, "gracias" and "muy bien!" Everything was delicious!

So, that was our little trip to Puerto Vallarta... in Spokane. We didn't get the bullfights or the beach one would have if they were really in Mexico, but the dining experience was great. Next time we head for south of the border we will have to try the tasty little taco stand, the one that is just down the road apiece.

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