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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jerry's (Phoenix, Az)

"Jerry's... Jerry's... Jerry's" they yell as they drive by.... the groupies that is... (those who love to eat at Jerry's.) You never hear them because they are in their cars... and you are probably eating waffles and eggs or fish inside the place. In business since 1966... this restaurant is nothing fancy but still draws a crowd.

This restaurant is not in Spokane. It's located at: 2323 E Thomas Road in Phoenix, AZ., and I had the pleasure of having a bite to eat there with a couple of guys I know who wear baseball caps and eat there from time to time. I think they like the place because the waitresses are friendly and because they do not like to cook too much, especially in the heat. They tell me that this place serves great fish on Fridays and they have senior specials too! It's a casual twenty-four hour restaurant with a sort of 60's flair...

In the minds of mos
t folks, I think that means shakes and burgers. I am not much into shakes and burgers I guess. However, I thought they had an interesting menu.

Geo and I ordered a BLT and salads with ranch and blue cheese respectively. Our food was fine, except for my cole slaw that I didn't think was very good, but I ate it anyhow. I really was there more for the company than the food, and I love BLT's... so all was good with me.

"Jerry's ...Jerry's... Jerry's..."

I heard they do it on some TV show too.


  1. pictures!!! I love it! now for some pics of the food! just think, you will be so strange looking, the only ppl in the place photographing their food! :-)

  2. Well, those are not actually photos I took. I guess other people have been to Jerry's long before me....

    Great idea about photographing food. I do take photos of food sometimes, especially when it looks beautiful on the plate! I am still in training regarding this photo on the computer thing. : ) Thanks for the encouragement!