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Monday, November 23, 2009

Le's Teriyaki

Have you tried Le's Teriaki? (<---click here for menu) It's not just teriyaki, it is it Vietnamese AND Chinese food! Yum! This place has great food. It's one of the places we had visited several times before starting this blog. You might even say it was part of our inspiration for venturing out and seeing how many other great places there are in our city. Lately, we have been busy trying new spots, so we have not been here in a while. when discussing it, I realized I started blogging after our last time there, so it was obviously time to return, and I am glad we did; It was great. We ordered a Coconut Beverage that came before the rest of our meal, and then for food we ordered two items to share. We ordered menu item number H-7... which i could never pronounce so I will not type it. In English it is known as "House Noodles with Beef, Shrimp and Veggies." We also ordered, menu item PH-8...(This I can try to say, "Pho Ga") aka Chicken Noodle Soup. (See Photo)

The plate in the middle with the leaves on it is the condiments for the soup, Pho. Condiments consist of mung bean spouts, jalepeno peppers and basil (on the vine.) Get a close up look at it if you can. It's not only aromatic but pretty.

The coconut beverage looks a little like dirty water with floating white things in it. While it is not very attractive it is flavorful and a totally island-like thing to be consuming. We put two straws into in and shared. I almost forgot to take a photo of it. I wish I had remembered when it was full. This is what was left when I remembered...

So, Grasshopper, "Is the cup half-empty or is it half-full?

Next time I want to try the Bubble Tea. I am very curious to know what it is. They also serve a soybean drink; somehow that just is not so appealing to me. I imagine it to be a lot like soymilk, which I like, but soybean drink just sounds rather unintriguing.

You can view their menu at their webpage and read about the cooks too. I chuckled at their American food offerings of corndogs and French fries. I would not really expect them to have anything like that but I am sure there are some kids out there who are glad that they do. The food was fantastic, as usual. The service was great. The waitress was very helpful.

When trying to select between two unknown dishes, we asked the waitress which one she would recommend. She suggested the House Noodles and it was certainly a winner! It had a great flavor and was filled with carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, beef, shrimp, and other tasty little morsels. (This is not a spicy dish.)

Here is a close up photo of our soup with the condiments in it.

This is a very exciting way to eat soup. The smell of the basil is incredibly wild. This is a spicy dish. Of course, you can omit the jalepenos and it would probably be just as good without the zip. You could also perhaps put your jalepenos in and swish them about and then remove them if you want just a little extra flavor to it. You do want to be careful handling the peppers... don't touch your eyes afterwards.

I do not know what some restaurants have with using pine cleaners while people are eating. I know it is something that makes things sanitary, but the odor tends to ruins the appetite. This is one place where this has occurred, it happened even tonight. Thankfully, tonight it was very mild and limited. I suppose that it was because we have been here late, near the time they are closing, and they were cleaning somewhere in the restaurant with a pine cleaner. Whatever the reason, I do not like it. I have been several places that do this. I wish they would find a better non-aromatic solution, or wait until they are closed. Don't you? Thankfully this was not much of a problem here this time.

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