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Monday, November 9, 2009

Molly's Family Restaurant

Well, here is story for you...

We have driven past Molly's for years, often remarking about how strange it is to have a restaurant named with a picture of a dog on the sign. I mean, it unusual. Okay, more than unusual it's a little scary. For one, the dog is a little scary looking. It's a shih tzu, ( the kind of dog who's bottom teeth kind of stick out.) These people obviously forget that not everyone likes dogs nor likes to associate dogs with their food or even eat with dogs in mind... do you know what I mean? And for all we knew it could have been a estaurant for dogs to eat at! All I can tell you is that it has always just seemed a little strange to me, and I happen to like four legged creatures that bark and growl; I have even been known to share my food with them from time to time.

I hate to admit it, but we can rarely even drive past without commenting on it and quite frankly it issimply a novel concept... one of those things that has just always made us laugh. Even tonight as we verbally shot down several ideas of places to eat because they were just... well... unappealing-- for one reason or another, this was no exception. There we were, roaming downtown on a rainy Monday night, looking for somewhere we have not been and we drove past Molly's never imagining that WE would really eat there.

Hoever we ended up driving past a second time and this time we were debating the issue as it was one place we had not yet been. As we were debating, we couldn't help but notice that the parking lot was full. On second look it became obvious that they were not ALL patronizing Molly's but it sure got our attention, and when we looked inside, sure enough, there were people inside. Figureing that if that many people were inside it couldn't be THAT bad, we decided to be brave and give it a try.

When we sat down three guys were leaving the restaurant... "Dinner was fabulous!" they shouted to the waitress as they exited.

Well, all my fears vanished right then and there. I was immediately impressed and eating at Molly's was really kind of fun. The waitress was friendly and helpful and she reminded us of all sorts of people we know. They had good coffee too and served it by the pot. A whole pot of java was $2.00. Cream and sugar is even included. What a deal!

The menu was extensive, so extensive that it took a long time for us to decide what we would try. They sort of specialize in this Mexican hot chocolate beverage that you can flavor with all sorts of flavors... cinnamon, marshmallow.... that kind of thing. "Spanish Horchatta," they call it. Well, at least that is what the front of the Menu said. We opted for coffee upon our arrival so we sort of missed the horchatta boat... but "maybe next time."

There are some great sounding breakfast items, desserts and sandwhiches here too, so many things to choose from that I really didn't know what to order, mostly because I was reading the menu and laughing about the dog theme throughout and items such as the Molly Monster... (a hamburger) Dog Pound Nachos, and "Solly's" Mess. (Solly, as I understand, is Molly's brother.) The thing that really got my attention though was the Waffle sandwich. I do not think I have ever seen that on a menu before; but then I usually do not go out to breakfast either.

As it turned out, I ordered the Nachos and Geo ordered Solly's Mess. Strange.. I know, and getting stranger.... I told you you were in for a story. Not only am I eating, somewhere I never thought I would, but I am eating, of all things, "nachos."

What is with that?

First of all, my unwritten principal number one in eating at a restaurant instead of home is that I order things I do not make at home... and you know what? I make nachos. Second.. well, there we were eating at this dog themed place and George orders something called...

Go figure. Who would ever think of eating something by that name? It was all a little unusual to say the least, but I tell you, the Solly's dish was really very good. I have no idea why I ordered nachos, I even remember thinking to myself when I saw them on the menu that I did ot want nachos... but then that is what I ordered. The nachos... well, they were nachos... and there were a lot of them.

There is a sign on the restaurant window seen from the street reads, "You will not go away hungry!" They mean it. The food was both plentiful and good.

Here is an example of what I mean by plentiful: When we were ordering our food, the waitress told Geo that his dish came with a small salad and asked what kind of dressing he wanted with it. The salad arrived and I tell you... the plate it was on was the size of a Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat-salad plate, and it was full. The both of us ate it and it was really good salad too. This amount of food served at this place is so plentiful that the menu says, "Doggie bags available upon request." Its goes along with the dog theme you know, but I think that they anticipate that you will need one, and want you to know you can take your leftovers home for your "best friend." Certainly they do not expect people to waste the food and throw it away. I bet a lot of frugal folks and single people eat here and maybe even make their dnners last a little while.

So, I guess you can say I was pleasantly surprised by this impromptu experience at Molly's.

This place also sells ice cream cones, cake and pie, so it might be a good stop for coffee and dessert if you are ever in town and are looking for a coffee shop or maybe just walking downtown on a hot summer day. It's located at 224 S Lincoln St, and you cannot miss it. It's an old IHOP building on the corner of Lincoln and Third. It's painted green and white and it has a picture of a black and white shih tsu on the sign that reads, Molly's Family Restaurant.

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