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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pho Van

Pho Van has two locations and  is a great place to eat. The atmosphere is nice, the music they play is pleasant and the food is very good, especially if you like Vietnamese food. I like somethings on the menu more than others. My very most favorite part of eating here is having soup, called PHO (pronounced "fa") most any kind, with fresh basil, jalapenos,  and bean spouts in it.

We first experienced Pho Van on Hamilton just before they opened up this new location and we have eaten here on Division before, but I see that I have never posted about i, until now.

Tonight I was in the mood for a bowl of soup.  After much deliberation about where we would go, we decided to go someplace that we had already been to...  Pho Van was it! 
I even brought my camera so I could take a picture....

Here is our lovely meal:

I let Geo order. We had spring rolls, some kind of beefy soup,  which in my experience, always comes with jalapeno mung spouts and fresh basil.. (You can see this in the foreground, yum!) We also ordered Kung Pao Chicken because we have never had it here, but unfortunately our order was changed due to a lack of ingredients back in the kitchen. We ended up with Curry Chicken instead at the suggestion of our waiter. It is served, as you see here, with lettuce and cucumbers. We also had Thai Tea.

It was orange colored, and had a very unusual flavor, different from what I have had elsewhere.  I wasn't really sure I liked it, but Geo did.

Spring rolls are fun to eat. They are basically salad and shrimp rolled in rice paper that you dip into a peanut sauce. The soup was one I didn't really care for; I prefer the chicken. It was good, but ya know, somethings you like better than others.... and for me, chicken is better.

The curry chicken was yummy, I ate most of that but we shared it all and had fun feeding one one another bits of the different flavors. The Thai Tea, as I mentioned, was most unusual and I almost didn't like it, but I drank it anyhow. Geo liked it. Maybe it's one of those things you acquire a taste for...

I enjoy the atmosphere here and also enjoy the photographs along the wall of Vietnam. I find it personally amazing to think of people in foreign country's longing for freedom, amazed always that God somehow answers their prayers and cries for help in desperate situations. This restaurant is neat also because the pictures on the wall tell the story of someone who came to America and owns their own business, because we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.... like no place else upon this earth.

So, if you are looking for hot soup on a wintry day.. or some tasty Vietnamese food or maybe just something a little exotic, out of the ordinary...this is the place... 1210 N Hamilton St, Spokane. Well, at least one of many.

Fresh food, and yummy for sure!

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  1. pictures!! Man, I sooo thoroughly enjoy this blog! I wish I could reach into the pic and try the food, it is so tempting I almost wish I hadn't insisted on pics!

    by the way, I love this phrase: "..was most unusual and I almost did'nt like it." funny.

  2. It's actually fresh mint, not basil.

  3. Not basil?
    Hmmmm... I am pretty sure it is Thai basil.