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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Asian Bistro

The Asian Bistro, formerly Tokyo Stop on North Division Street has always had good food.  Last evening I "stopped" for some food to go and so now I have to blog about it. Here is their menu.  You can double click on it to get a closer look if you'd like.

I have been in this restaurant several times, but this was the first time with Geo... or rather... eating with Geo, and the first time since it opened under new owners.  Yes, it is no longer Tokyo Stop.  Now it is called Asian Bistro.

Nate has eaten here and he really liked it, so have I, but not Geo.

I ordered Yakisoba and Chicken Teriyaki and being as I LOVE, Japanese food, I was very excited to take it home to surprise Geo who had to work later than usual.

The to go package was nicely wrapped up and the food was OH SO DELICIOUS!  I loved it.

Geo was happy, although he likes saucier foods.  I added to our dinner at home with sliced bell peppers and some cilantro lime shrimp.  It was way more than we could eat an unfortunately Nate missed out on this tasty treat.
Maybe next time!

It took about 20 minutes for them to prepare it, but it was just enough time to run and do an errand at a nearby store and back while it cooked. 

Here is our delicious dinner:

the teriyaki came with a salad and both meals came with rice and a slice of orange.

Geo says the noodles were especially good!  They were yummy!

One feature of the new management is the addition of a Lunch Buffet and a new Sushi Menu.

Here is a picture of their Sushi stuff... Who knew there were so many options?

This restaurant is located at 7458 North Division Street in the Northgate Shopping Center just East of Costco on Division...It is in the corner of the southern  building near the dance studio and the karaoke studio.

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