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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bubble Tea

This is another kind of Tea Party!

Here is what it looks like...

What is it?  Fruity, fun snow-like substance with bubble like beads of tapioca that is much like gummy bears at the bottom of the cup. (It comes with a very large straw for which to retrieve them as you drink!)

If you have not tried Bubble Tea... Why not?  What are you waiting for?
 It is a bit of fun.

Here is one of my tea buddies now...
She giving me the American handsignal that she thinks her coconut flavor drink is REALLY REALY GOOD!

In Spokane the places to find this crazy, wild, smooth, cold, sweet and tasty drink is: The Bubble Tea Garden in Pho Vina Restaurant 2303 N. Ash Street or at a place called BoBa Bubble at North Town Mall, (first floor across from a place called Silver Safari)

Here is a banana coconut tea with Jelly instead of tapioca "bubbles."

Enjoy!  This is our fav location...

Once you try it, post your comments about Bubble Tea below!

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