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Friday, January 8, 2010

Vien Dong Fareast (second visit)

Another visit to Vien Dong.  
 (Click the link to read about the last!)

We had been here once before but liked it so much we had to go again.

It is in the International District of Spokane, which is not considered to be an elite part of town by any means, but there is something to be said about bringing life to areas of town like this.  If you need a good reason to go to the "International District"  good food is it.

Beautiful food, fresh and lovely as you can see.  This is the Chow Mein.

I really was not sure what it would be like, as I have issues understanding the variations of Chow Mein, (but I am learning) I was not sure what it would be like when I ordered it because I neglected to ask.  We came in rather late and it was something that the waitress recommended so
I just agreed, knowing that to experience chow mein would be good for me no matter what.   It was good.  Lots of delicious veggies and shrimp and chicken.  Pork came with it too.

This is Lemongrass Chicken...  which we didn't actually order.   We had thought that to order it until we remembered we had it the last time we we there. We even talked to the waitress about it and then we ordered Kung Pao Chicken, which she also recommended.  However she brought us this.   There must have been some confusion.  It's okay.  Geo loved it.

It went great with the egg rolls.

This restaurant is simple, but nice.  It is one we like a lot.

Here is another  follow up from our last visit.
Remember the drinks?

The last time we were here we purchased some drinks in can to try and home.  At Christmastime we tried one of them as a family, the Grass Jelly Drink.  We poured the drink into a lot of portions so that everyone could try it.

 It was not particularly a hit.  It's definitely something that one would have to acquire a taste for, and none of us really had the "taste".  The Pennywort is still on the shelf, behind the toaster, under the monkey...(David)  waiting for a special day, but it may be a while.  I have investigated around on the web about it, and it doesn't look too promising as something that we will just love when we try.  It will take another party to share the wealth of it I am sure. 

Thanks to all the brave souls in my household who tried the Grass Jelly. (You know who you are!)
It was fun!

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  1. the food at this place looks divine! did I mention I love this blog!!! the only problem's torture looking at all this food! I want to try it all!