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Thursday, February 4, 2010

De Leon's

Si! Es muy bien tamales aqui!

Well, actually I do not speak espanol... I do, however, like to eat Mexican food.  Stopped here for lunch.  The Place is De Leon's located on Francis Street just east of Division.

I had a tamale, vegetables a side of guacamole and some other toppings too, mostly cilantro. I also had a horchata... a cinnamony tasting  drink.  Traditionally they are made with rice and almond milk, but mine had dairy in it today.  They ladle it for you out of a really big jar.. It is sweet.

Here you see the topping bar.

It is a very lively place with all kinds of fascinating Mexican things.

Here is the Deli Menu.

Eating at De Leon's... (well actually, shopping there too) is like a mini trip to Mexico.  You should see their crazy-wild donuts!  I have never seen anything like them...

and Pinatas!

They have a fabulous meat department, grocery items, spices, and you can even buy really, really, big cooking pots... or maybe even a sombrero.

They make their own tortillas here as well... and of course the little deli is there too, almost making you feel like you have entered into another world.

Geo and I were in here one day last year and it was like going on vacation south of the border! (Just do it on a really hot day and see what I mean.

I had to visit here again, as I was in the neighborhood.  Here is their spice selection, where I found some saladitos.  (Salted Plums)

It is kinda a blast from my past.  I have not had one for a long time, so I had to taste one.  I do not recommend it though, unless you, like me, have a reason to.  These are very salty... sort of an acquired taste. 

There are a lot of candies one can try there though, or maybe a soda.
Apple, Pineapple and Tamarind are popular.

So if you need to get out of the kitchen.... here is another place to try... DeLeon's  

There are several locations in Spokane where you can eat DeLeon's style...
but this is the hub of it all.!

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