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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House of Seoul

The first time I had Korean food was at House of Seoul in 1993. The restaurant had been open for three or four years then, so ias you can see, it has been around quite a while. It has been through a couple of ownerships over it's lifetime, but the food has always been good when I have eaten here and tonight was no exception. House of Seoul Korean Restaurant is located at 12713 W 14th Ave, in Airway Heights.

We made our way through the fog tonight, all the way to Airway Heights, and were really happy to find that the restaurant was still here and open.  Just thinking about Korean food all the way there was rather fun.  For several years we had a bit of a Kim Chee addiction going on... and while we no longer have Kim Chee in the house regularly like we used too, we always look forward to what they serve in places like House of Seoul.

The place has been muralized since I have been here.  On the wall is a painted waterfall and a mural of a Korean Bridal scene.  It is very colorful and very beautiful to look at... I kinda liked it.  This is the Picture of the groom.

For an appetizer, we ordered Kim Bop.  We had never ordered that before.   This is rice and vergetables rolled up in a seaweed wrap.  It was served with a seasoned soy sauce.  After eating half of this we decided to wait for the rest of our food.  It was a lovely appetizer.

Our meal came and the first thing brought to us was the appetizers.
This is a delightful array of flavors and I the items change from time to time.  I really do not know what these were called officially... but it was things like kim chee, pickled radish strings, fish cakes, lotus root, some kind of spout salad and candied black beans.  Depending on where you go and what is being served, the items vary.  We have gotten things like anchovies or little shrimpy things...  You just never really know, but they are often fun to try and tasty!  

 Here is what the lotus root looks like.  It tasted crunchy and sweet.  I think that it was candied lotus root.

This is Geo's soup.  It is called Mixed Seafood Soup and it was full of Fish, Mussels, Tofu, Shrimp, Squid and Crab and was served with a bowl of rice. It comes to the table still cooling, boiling and bubbling like crazy.  Geo, loves it.  I think that it is because he loves the ocean. He called it a walk on the beach.... I think of it more like snorkleing.... and bringing up treasures from below.  After dinner we walked out into the fog and he said he felt like we were on the coast.  I think it was because he had eaten all that fish.

 I tried something new tonight.  Mostly because I wanted something cooked in a hot pot.  My order was called, Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop.  (Fun to say.  Tell your kids your are having that for dinner!)
The description on the menu  said, meat, egg and vegetables in a hot stone pot.  You can see the egg there on the top.... underneath it all is rice, cooked to a slight crisp on the bottom.

As I was looking curiously at my dish, wondering what all was in there and how to eat it, our waitress came and offered to mix it up for me, saying that is how it is usually eaten... and we put hot sauce on it too.   She also told me that it is a popular Korean dish but one that not only Koreans like.  I liked it and I ate it... but I would probably not order it again. My all time favorite is bulgoki.


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  1. yum! I wish I could reach in here and grab that sushi!