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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Bubble Tea in Spokane

Bubble Tea is definitely something different, and I am excited to find it in several places in Spokane.  You can find it at the Northtown Mall at a place called Boba Bubble, a restaurant on Ash Street called Vina and another place is The Star Restaurant on Nevada St. 

Here is Boba Bubble's display at the mall:

If you have never tried Bubble Tea... be ready for a unique experience.  It is unlike anything I have ever tried before!  It's intended perhaps as a fancy tea drink or a dessert, but  it really is more like an experience.

Bubble Tea comes in all sorts of colors, flavors...
and textures.  Here is the menu at The Star Restaurant and Lounge tea spot.

You can get it plain, or with tapioca balls or jelly squares.  I have never had the jelly... I like the tapioca, especially in the slushie version of the drink.  You may order:

Cream Smoothie
Flavor Milk Tea
Yummy Slush
Flavor Black/Green Tea Series
Star Blend Tea.

This is a nice place for Bubble tea as there is lots to select from.

Here is the tapioca going into the cups.  It has a slight ginger spice-like flavor, if you ask me.  I like them better in the colder drink, though I believe once you get used to it, you enjoy it more and more.
Here is the little tea kitchen!  The machine in the back puts the lids on the cups.
Tonight I had the House Milk Tea... made with black tea.. and I had the low calorie version.... meaning les tapioca than normal.  My cup is the one on the left... the one on the right is the normal amount of bubbles.

The cups are completely sealed with a flat sheet of plastic.  They can be turned upside-down and not spill out! 
When you are ready to drink your tea, you puncture the top with the point on your straw.


Talk about flavors!
Taro... Lychee...Papaya.. Vanilla...Coconut... Honey Dew... Cantaloupe... Mango... Strawberry...Champagne...   Kumquat... Peach....Red Plum.....Red Bean..... Yuklut.... Lemon... Kiwi.... Passion Fruit... Green Apple...Watermelon... Pineapple... Peanut....Blueberry.... Banana...


 OK.. so you want to know how it is made and what other people think about it?  Here is a video on You Tube...of a TV Newsman on Fox News entertaining a Bubble Tea Demo.... (Click the link!)

Hurray for Bubble Tea in Spokane!

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