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Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Dragon (in Hillyard)

Good place to eat!

Red Dragon from Francis Street recently moved to Hillyard but we did not know it until we showed up and started asking questions.   All we knew is that on a side street in Hillyard (Diamond) there was a little Chinese food restaurant we hadn't heard about before or been to. 

This place is really quite a jem!  Not only is it the same Red Dragon food that we liked so much over on Francis but it's a nice little place!

It is located at 3011 E. Diamond Spokane, in the Hillyard area. 
Geo ordered Granny's Tofu w/ Pork.. aka Ma Po Tofu... and I ordered the Mandarin Crispy Beef.  Soup and rice came with our meal as did hot tea.

As you can see the food was fresh and colorful... full of a variety of veggies.
It was not too spicy although both items were listed as spicy dishes.  When I commented on this to the waitress she offered to bring us some scorpion sauce...

Geo gladly agreed.... He had no idea what scorpion sauce was... but he was anxious to find out.

 This here is scorpion sauce.

Basically it is crushed haberneros...

Now I have never had habernaros but after Geo put some on his food and liked it I tried it too... not much mind you.... just a little bit... as this is all that you need. Haberneros are very HOT!  Use them with care and don;t touch them and then touch you eyes.

It was actually a very nice flavor.  Very accommodating of the server too.  She went out of her way to make it a nice visit and was fun to talk to. In fact everyone here that we chatted with was really friendly and helpful.
One of the guys even let me photo his shirt.

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