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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pleasant Blends

Pleasant Blends serves up coffee and teas well as simple sandwiches soups and desserts.  It's a tiny gem of a shop in North Spokane located near the Rosauers store... to the eastern side.  The address is 9147 N. Newport Hwy.  It is upstairs which may limit it's access for some people.  They do mail orders (might be a good source for your favorite blends,) and they see teapots, coffee presses and trinkety things like that too.

My friends began meeting here when, once upon a time, one of them began working there and then it just sort of became a hang-out meeting spot.  Not for all of us at the same time but individually from timne to time.  today I met here with L. and S and A.  It's a great place to meet on the Northside.  It is small and quaint and quiet too... except of course for us..  Our friend who worked here has since moved on, but there is something about the location that is appealing.  It is a nice little shop,  though we do miss the trumpe l'oeil painting of a rug on the floor.  That was cool.

My friends had coffee and I had tea, since tea is one of my latest obsessions. It was made a little strong for my liking, but I must say, they had quite a selection.  There are many kinds of tea and coffee as you can see:

This is a nice place for meeting up with people enjoying a cup o joy or getting a bite to eat while you relax and read the paper.  It is not a loud place... the people are friendly and you can get almost any flavor your heart desires in the way of coffee or tea.  My tea today was Jasmine.

They have lots of pleasant blends!

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  1. well, I guess you and Geo must have tried every place in this town already....