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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rita Marie's CAFE'

Rita Marie's is a little cafe located in the lobby of the Cancer Care Northwest building, 605
E. Holland.  I went there to eat lunch with a friend.  It is one of her favorite spots.

The menu is simple, the fare is made fresh, and the price is reasonable.  
The atmosphere is casual and quaint.  
I even met Rita Marie.  She is a real person!
                                                                           When you come in you order your food, cafeteria style, and they bring it to your table when it is done, unless it is something quick like a salad from the salad bar.   Mashed potatoes and gravy and meatloaf were the special for the day.
My friend had salad and chicken noodle soup and I had a hamburger and fries, served with onions lettuce tomato and pickle...which was quite good. 

 This is a very friendly little place too.  I read a bulletin they put up even offering to teach cooking classes, so if you want to learn how to make scones, give them a call.  The phone number is (509) 464-2922.

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  1. hey this is my kids' dentist. It always smells sooo good in there, but i have never gone inside the place. I guess I will have to try it now.