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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sala Thai

The name is Sala Thai.  Note the roof over the "S," for it represents a "sala."

A Sala, as I understand,  is very much  like a gazebo.  It is considered a resting place, and this little Thai restaurant in Airway Heights, WA, is a nice rest stop for those of us who love Thai food.  Be warned and be ready because, it is really, really good Thia food.

Sala Thai is located at 12924 West Sunset Highway, and for us, it was a bit of a drive, but having heard that this was a good Thai restaurant we simply had to make the drive and try it for ourselves.
Our sources were correct, as I indicated already, this place is simply fantastic. 

Not only did they have an easy to read menu and a lot to choose from, it also had some very interesting dishes that were offered, making it very difficult to choose what to try.  (One dish was called "Evil Jungle," for example) The staff was also happy to answer all of our questions.  I like the fact that one who is not so sure about Thai food can preview their menu at their website located at:, but I didn't know THAT until later when I got home and checked the internet, for information on their restaurant, which is usually how it works for us with our dining adventures, we just kinda go where the wind blows and then find out more about it.  All I can say is that this is the kind of food  that makes one want to visit Thailand.

For an appetizer we enjoyed some dumplings and Thai Tea. 

They make a special kind of Thai tea here with lime.  It is  quite pleasant...
and they make the usual too, this served with whipped cream.

I am not an expert on Thai food, but I do order coconut milk soup a lot.  I have never had Thom Kah (coconut milk soup) quite like this one.  The flavors were tantalizing.

The extra veggies, carrots, cabbage, zucchini and broccoli were a nice addition and they did not even change the traditional flavor of this delicious soup.  We also ordered a dish called Yellow Curry. (not pictured.)  It was delicious too.

I will suggest that one take the time to discuss your preference for spiciness with the server.  We ordered our dishes at a four star spiciness and they were spicy.. good and spicy.. but not everyone likes spicy and with a little communication to your host, this will be adjusted to your liking.  Next time we who like spicy will probably order a "three."
And then...we ordered dessert.
With Thai food there is often ice cream or some other tasty sweet dessert offered.  My advice is try to ice cream and sticky rice...  Delicious!  This place, as well as many Thai food restaurants makes their own coconut ice cream and ice cream with hot rice is an unbelievably good combination.  We loved it.

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