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Monday, March 29, 2010


Twigs Bistro... and Martini Bar has several locations.  I went to the Northside one, Twigs Wandemere, for lunch with a friend.  This location opened in 2008 at the Wandermere Business Park.

This was the view from our window.  I must say, looking out the window and experiencing the sunlight was nice.  The restaurant overlooks a man-made lake and some real Pacific Northwest scenery, trees, mountains and probably free roaming moose.  Didn't see any moose today though.  There are apartments and business buildings too, but we won't talk about those... just think of the nice natural looking setting.  It's supposed to be relaxing and serene... elegant....gourmet...

Let's talk food....
We ordered the Three Cheese Grilled Cheese with Tomato bisque soup and the Green Curry Salmon and Spinach Rice  Bowl.  The tomato soup was more like a spaghetti sauce... great for dipping...but not what I would expect.  The salmon was good, not too spicy.... a nice light lunch, but you have to like green.  IT was defniately green.

The restaurant is a little spendy, meaning, expect to spend some money here.  However, you can order a lunch from their menu for as little as 5.95, making it a place to try if you plan to eat light...  and there are several  two item options, so you can make your own little combo..

I don't quite get the booze scene myself... at least for a restaurant.  The place really glorifies libations.  I mean there was the empty wine bottle that say's TWIGS ...on the table.... the enormous booze bottle sculpture that could be seen (from where I sat)  over in the bar... and it was magnificent to say the least, like a Christmas tree...up to the roof!  There was even a martini picture (eight feet tall... at least...) hanging on the wall of the restaurant.   I felt tlike the booze thing was quite overblown here, at least in my opinion, for "a restaurant."  I think it should be noted that the place is more like a bar, hence the sign..."and Martini Bar."  So, I offer some advice.  If alcoholic beverages are your forte' that is one thing, but if alcohol is a problem for those in your luncheon party, this might not be the first choice restaurant for you.

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  1. Soooo...after dining there recently, here's my opinion: Food - delicious. [I ordered the Turkey BLT wrap on a hoagie instead of a wrap.] My salad that came with the sandwhich was fine but nothing exciting...although, I'd prefer fresh over flavor, and it did seem fresh. Service was VERY blah. Not bad, but def not impressive...and our server was borderline rude with us, actually. I probably wouldn't return [except maybe for a turkey blt wrap on a hoagie] :)