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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cassano's Deli

Cassano's (and the Mission Bistro) are housed in the same building located at 2002 E. Mission in Spokane. I have learned that it used to be Piccolo's until Cassano bought it and here it is today... a new location....They advertise that they have,"Wine's, Olive Oils, Italian Groceries & Cured Meats, Italian Candy, Imported Cheeses, Fine Selection Of Italian Products, and Deli Sandwiches."  

My Italian friend and I decided to try this place for lunch, however upon arrival I discovered that she had been here before...( I think she just wanted to go because she knew it would be good and because she, like me, is part Italian, and being Italian together is a little bit fun.)   I have driven past this location at least fifty times in my travels around town.... and I was happy to try it, because finally, I had a reason to stop and go in.

We were sorely disappointed to discover as we went in, that the Bistro , The Mission Bistro... like many establishments in Spokane, is closed on Mondays.

The room was dark when we looked around inside but it looked like a very nice atmosphere...

A few moments later, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all was not lost simply because Mission Bistro was closed.... you see, Cassano's has a nice little deli, complete with seating too.

It is quite the place!

We ordered a sandwich to share...
(I forgot what kind) 
spaghetti and meatballs
and lasagna.

Here is my lasagna...
Mine is the piece missing....

As we were ordering, the cashier warned us, well she tried to warn us.... that it would be a lot of food.  It was.  It was way more than we could eat, but it sure was good.

Here is my lasagna on the plate:

I really liked my half of sandwich, the black spots are Balsamic vinegar.  

And this is the spaghetti and meatballs.

The store also had a great selection of drinks. We had Snapple!

It was a fun Italian lunch to be sure.

I didn't know it until we read this T-shirt, But...they even have cannoli!

After reading this T shirt, my friend went back tot he deli and asked about cannoli.  I already had food to take home and couldn't eat another bite, but then, neither could she, however, they let her have a sample taste of the cannoli filling.... and I think that she liked it.  So, the cannoli is to be continued.... next time!

If you want to know more about cannoli... click here and read about cannoli from the perspective of a New York Taxi cab driver in the Bronx.

Outside the Deli, in front of the Bistro, Cassano's itself is a great little grocery store with a bit of an Italian flavor. 

I enjoyed touring around...

It was like a little visit to Italy!

So, as for Mission Bistro.. You will have to check out the menus and decide for yourself, but go on a day other than Monday, cuz on Monday, the Bistro is closed.

 As for me, ...maybe the Bistro.. on another day...  when in the mood for Italian food, or maybe if we are hungry and the neighborhood.... and then again, ... maybe the deli.....yum!
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