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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lai Lai Garden

One evening in Airway heights we saw a Chinese restaurant that looked quite busy, so we decided that sometime we would give it a try.  Tonight was the night.  It is called Lai lai Gardens, located at 13008 West Sunset Highway.

Upon closer inspection as we drove by tonight, we though it looked more like a lounge than a restaurant, but when we opened the door we found it to be a very attractive little family type of Chinese restaurant. 

It was a very clean restaurant, and the service was very thoughtful.

For dinner, we ordered Hot and Sour Soup, which I have to say is something that as you eat it, you like it more and more.  By the time you are at the bottom of the bowl, the soup, which took some getting almost every time I have eaten it... is simply wonderful to the taste buds.  This particular soup had a lot of mushrooms in it,.

Hot and Sour typically has tofu in it too too.

and we also ordered Kung Pao Chicken...
and rice.

Both were very tasty....and definitely Chinese!

Both were a little more on the salty side than I like to eat.  Geo loved it though.  The Kung Pao peppers were amazing!

Lai Lai Garden Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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