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Friday, April 16, 2010

Thai Bamboo

There are several Thai Bamboo Restaurant in town, and for a chain of restaurants, and good Thia food you cannot go wrong.  Tonight we visited the Thai Bamboo Restaurant on 29th Ave.  IT's a little tricky to find, as the entrance does not face the street.

The food here is definitely tasty and there is a lot to chose from on their menu.  It is actually almost too much to choose from.  We love Thai food, and we do have our favorites so choosing was easy.  This time we took some photos.
It is a colorful place,
full of statues and reliefs, some of which are
scantily attired... so if this is out of your comfort zone, beware.

(I do personally know some people, who read my blog who definitely would not appreciate that much of an exotic feature.  It definitely gives one a sense of being in the orient... a cultural sort of thing.

 When I look around, I think it is quite a shrine.

  There is a large golden Buddha and an elephant god depicted too.
It is all very colorful....

And then, there is the food...
all very delicious... at about 10 dollars per entree.

We ordered Thai Tea and Thia Coffee, the tea is on the right.

Tom Ka Gai (A creamy, spicy (4 hot) chicken and coconut milk soup with galanga and lemonrass flavors.. YUM...

Panang Curry and Rice,
and the boy, as I like to refer to him sometimes, was with us, so we also ordered Teriaki Noodles...  one of his favs.

It was a delicious dinner... with good company.  After dinner we went to a theatrical performance!

How's that for a night on the town?

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