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Monday, April 5, 2010

Thai Kitchen

This is another great... no, more like "fabulous"... Thai food restaurant!

We first came here at the hearty recommendation of a friend named Mark who eats here often.  He said it was the best place in town.  Being a world traveler and exotic food connoisseur we believed him and the first time we ate here is was simply marvelous indeed... could hardly wait to go back for more... and finally, we have had an opportunity to return.

Located in the valley at 621 S. Pines, this is tone great place to eat great Thai food... but if you want quick lunch beware.. it's busy.  Also it has been known to closed it's doors when it is full, they also close between lunch and dinner to take a rest and regroup for the evening crowd.  When we were there, we saw a sign that said, " no take out orders."  Truth is, this place is soooooo good, so in demand and they are merely a mom and pop place; and as such, they work hard to please their clientele.  They are simply being realistic saying no take outs, although you will have to discuss the matter with the owners yourself....  I do know that they make everything fresh and observe that they can only do what they can truly manage and that they work hard to do it well.  (Nice folks.)

Well, on to dinner...

We had Tea....

and Tom Yum Gia...

and a Chicken Panag Curry.. (one of the best ever!)

Dinner was served with white rice.

For dessert, it was everything...

(but note, they only have two options...)

We had one order of Coconut Milk and Rice and one order of Vanilla Ice cream and Rice.....
black rice!

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