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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hacienda De Flores

We have driven past this place a few times on our travels around town and it kinda caught our eye as a spot to try sometime.  When you see it from outside it seems a little home-made... like a family run buisness.  Maybe it is, I am not sure, but since we are soon to head south we decided to prepare by eating some Mexican food tonight, and Hacienda De Flores, 5 10 S. Freya, was our destination.

They have a great menu and the restaurant is nice inside.  The best part was the fantastic service.  The waiters and waitresses here were very attentive to our dining experience.  (The food was good too.)

Speaking of food, this restaurant seems to have it's own signature flavor in the enchilada sauce.  It had  a uniqueness... not sure what it was, maybe tomatillo?  Whatever it was, or is, Geo liked it.
We ordered chicken fajitas and a combination plate with a chile relleno, enchilada and chimichanga. 
As typical of a Mexican food restaurant, the meal came with chips and salsa, but here they serve two kinds of salsa and beans and pico de gallo too!  After diiiner, in typical hacienda hospitaltiy, they brought us some sopapillas.... deep friend tortillas with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and chocolate drizzled all over.  YUM!

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