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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Olive It Cafe ... They Serve Up Local Music Too

Olive IT Cafe is located at 3402 N. Crestline, I posted on them previously, but they are more than simply a coffeeshop/cafe, so I will post again.  They also have music on Friday nights!  Telephone them for information about events and hours at 413-1589

Last night, a local performer named MO was here, singing, playing her guitar and a bit if piano too.   (Mo is a great Blues/Folk singer!) Towards the end of the evening, one of the waitresses pulled out her harmonica and sang and played along with MO.  It was great!  The kind of thing that takes one back to another era.

Our order seemed to take a little while... but we enjoyed our fresh squeezed lemonade...and popcorn as well as the music while we waited.   NEwsflash on the menu items: The Friday night menu includes five special kinds of pizza.  Some fancy sounding flavors too, but we opted for the Sausage plus.

Geo liked it.  He surprised himself in liking the flatbread turkey, bacon and provolone sandwich he ordered, accidentally ordering it on the flat bread.  He didn't think he liked flatbread sandwiches when he looked at the menu and when he ordered he forgot to order the kind of bread he likes.  (He did order the sandwich with the cranberry cream cheese on the side, because he didn't think he would like that either.)  But do you know what?  He put the cream cheese on his sandwich and decided that he liked the flat bread sandwich...and the cream cheese too!

What we really liked the best of all though was the live music scene.  It was so cool to have the opportunity to listen to Mo while we enjoyed this cozy little place.  If you are an inspiring artist, and if you want to play somewhere, you will have to check this little-known place out.  If you love live and local music and the arts, this little coffee shop in Hillyard, could be the place for you on a Friday night.  It's quite possibly be the next "best" college Friday night coffee hangout, especially in the way of being alcohol free and local artist supporting. They serve coffee, tea, and fresh squeezed lemonade, but no espresso.

Hooray for the Olive It Cafe in Hillyard!  They have a great idea for our community and make a great flatbread sandwich too!

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  1. as for me, i would go just for the popcorn!

  2. Hey Lisa, I know a place you should try..Vina's on Francis. It says they have vietnamese sandwiches..(who's ever heard of such a thing?) bubble tea and billiards. we went in there once when it first opened and they chased us away, lol, said they weren't open yet. It's kind of an obscure little place, the kind you guys specialize in.:-)