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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thai Cuisine... (or Linnie's II)

This fantastic little Thai place was recommended to us by some friends... you know who you are....  : )  While discussing the merits of Thai food... and eating in general, our friends said this is one place that should not be missed.  They were right.
Located in a strip mall at 2526 E 29th, it is a little hard to find, but well worth looking for.

The food here is spicy if you order it that way.  They do have food sutable to every palet, but if you order it spicy, they do not mess around.  We ordered our Tom Ka Gai at a "three" and that was enough for me... (next time I will go for a two!)  I have eaten at thai places and ordered a "five" and it was not spicy at all....  This was very true to the typical Thai food spicey scale.  Our friend warned us that it would be very hot!  He was right on this account also.

This restaurant has been here for 16 years and the name is Thai Cuisine, but it is also called "Linnie's II," at least on the internet....and on the mennu too, but  when I asked our server, she told e the name was Thai Cuisine.  Apparently, it is a sort of sister restaurant to Linnie's downtown, (another great place to eat Thai food)  which is named Linnie's Thai Cuisine. One feature of this place on 29th is that they are a feature restaurant of Thai Select.. This means that the restaurant has been tried and tested by Thai  food experts, even won awards for it's authenticity to Thai tradition and flavors.  In other words, when you eat here you get the real deal.

We ordered Thai Tea, Spring rolls, Tom Ka Gai soup and Thai Fried Rice.  We also had Ice cream with black rice.  Everything was wonderful.

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